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A journey, a search and a soul search towards the ends of the world. A story of friendships, trust and a fantasy world past the end. A prayer for acceptance and the desire for wishes to be granted. The pride of the immortals meets the pain of the mortals.  


So, this is a personal project that I've been working on for a very, very long time. I'm still slowly writing/editing this, hopefully y'all enjoy. 

Please, please, please, to not redistribute without talking to me first. This is something very personal to me and something I do wish to see published one day. 

Critiques and comments are always welcome. If there's anything that doesn't seem right or any improvements that you guys think should happen, feel free to tell me, I'm more than happy to improve this. 

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DestinyDAL  on says:
Wow I really like your story. Your writing style is great too.

nevergetmewrong  on says:
congratulations on the feature!!

flowersea  on says:

HummingBirdLullaby  on says:
Congratulations on the feature ^^

Anggie  on says about chapter 3:
I love fantasy fic, and this one is really interesting. Please tell me you're not going to neglect it :)

RKP_Yoshi  on says about chapter 3:
This is great! I can see the time and effort you've put into each chapter and as a writer who tends to lose track of previous writing pieces to start off new ones, I find that quite admirable. Keep up the great work!

-Tigress-  on says:
I know your stories on AFF, so I figured 'why not'? But... are you going to continue it??

arosebushqueen  on says about chapter 3:
Are you gonna continue this? I really like it!

PyaariSammu  on says about chapter 3:
This is incredibly interesting so far (and I absolutely love the background) I hope you continue!

this-fairytalegirl  on says about chapter 2:
The first chapter reminded me of David Edding's series, The Dreamers :)

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