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"How was your date with Louis yesterday?" Christian asked. "Was I right? Is he your 'Mr.Right'??!" 

Ria stopped in her tracks. They were on their way to school on an early Thursday morning. "...How did you know I was out with Louis yesterday? Were you eavesdropping on us?!" She quickly concluded. 

Christian openly admitted it with a nod. "Thanks for pointing out the ice cream stand by the way, man i'd like some again today." He rubbed his belly in content. 

Ria sighed and continued walking. "Hey! There was nothing to really watch anyway. All you guys did was walk and not talk, well other than that little kiss he gave you yesterday." He snickered. 

"You saw that too?!" She fumed with red cheeks. 

"Yup! Man was your face funny!" Christian gave an over exaggerated imitation earning himself another hard slap to the shoulder.

"OW!" He cupped his shoulder,"WOMAN!" 

"Damn you have a hard slap, I swear!" Ria just huffed and crossed her arms, ignoring him as she rushed into the school building. 

"Hey Ria." Louis shyly smiled at her at her locker. 

"Oh, hey Louis.." Ria said quietly. Awkwardness filled their atmosphere from their little incident yesterday evening.

Louis looked at his watch and pretended to be in a rush."Well I should go, bell's going to ring. See you at lunch!" Quickly, he sped off before she could even say goodbye.

"A..lrighty then." Ria smacked her lips and tapped her locker with the palm of her hand. The bell suddenly rang. "Crap!" She cursed and quickly stuffed her backpack with needed supplies. 


"So, are we up for Starbucks then again today?" Christian asked to fill up the quietness of the lunch table. His mouth was full of food which splattered all over Ria. "Hey! Watch it!" She screeched and smacked his shoulder. 

"Gawd, woman! That's the second time today! Would you stop?!" He defended, feigning pure hurt on his shoulder. Ria wiped the spit of food off her and rubbed it off on him. "Not until you learn to eat with your mouth CLOSED. Ugh, ew." She grimaced. 

Across the table, the two boys were laughing away. "You too are quite the funny pair!" Harry exclaimed with his heavy accent. This made Ria blush and go back to eating her lunch in a composed, shy manner. 

"Anyways, if not the interruption of some old HA-" Christian quickly coughed when Ria had a glare that said 'try-me-again-and-i-will-seriously-kill-you'. "A-Ahem, are we going to Starbucks after school today?" 

"Sorry, I can't go again today." Louis piqued up, covering his mouth with his hand when he spoke. Ria found it cute. 

"Alright then! I guess it's just us three!" Christian exclaimed. 


On their way walking, Christian saw the comfortable quietness of the latter and had a think. *I got it!* 

They settled down on their usual booth with their drinks, all except Christian. He was still waiting for his. 

"The mighty one! You're drink is ready!" The barista exclaimed. 

Christian smiled at his chosen nickname and stood up. "I'll be back. You guys get comfy while I'm gone." There was an unnoticeable devious glint in his eyes. Once he left, Harry started a conversation.

"So, I heard your class is doing the science project with the balloons?"

Ria sighed,"Yeah, and it's sort of stupid to be honest." 

Harry laughed a little,"I don't know it was pretty fun when we did it last year." It grew quiet again, and he tried once again. "Isn't... Christian a year lower than you?" 

Ria nodded."Yeah, he is. Although he is in some of my classes. Lake High likes to integrate grades for pe and math, you know." Harry nodded. 

"Where's Christian..." He asked quietly and looked around the cafe. There was no sign of him. 

Upon noticing as well, Ria threatened,"God, that dimwit I swear I'll smack him so hard, he won't be able to play sports for weeks."

"Why?" Harry asked, interested. 

"Because! Don't you see? He left us alone to-" She stopped blushing. She noticed how awkward of an atmosphere it would make if she said it. *He left us alone so that we could hang out together...*

"...to what?" He leaned forward to hear the answer. 

"N-Nevermind." She shook her head. "I don't know anymore, but he left us... that's for sure." 

"..Then great! We can go hang out together. Want to go somewhere?" Harry grinned. 

Ria bit her lip and shyly blushed a bit,"Sure, but where?" She swore she felt her heart race when he declared he wanted to hang out together. 

He shrugged his shoulders. "Beats me! Let's just walk." 


It was a cold afternoon this time. Well, it was winter. Ria regretted not bringing enough layers to bundle up from the cold breeze mother nature blasted at her today. She shivered, her teeth chattered as they walked and this caught Harry's attention. He cringed his eyebrows in thought for a moment before a lightbulb went off. 

Just like those old romance movies, he shuffled to slip off his jacket, and wrapped it around her. Ria looked up from her trance and stared at his eyes for a moment. His green eyes. 

Harry, on the other hand, stared back. It was another warm staring session. His eyes lowered to her lips and slowly he started leaning in.... only to retreat back and utter an awkward laugh. He scratched the back of his neck and continued walking, Ria following behind. 

"T-Thanks." Ria stuttered and hugged his coat closer to her. She took a nice whiff of the jacket and it smelled exactly like him. Just the scent made it warmer for her already.

"My pleasure." He managed to say straight out with a thick accent. 

They ended up at the park. What was it with boys and parks these days? Ria thought, shrugging away the fact that she had been here yesterday. They sat at a nearby bench, watching the snow fall. 

"Tell me about yourself." Ria posed the question and quickly defended herself,"I-I mean we should get to know each other better, shouldn't we?" 

Harry nodded with a slight laugh,"Well, my name is Harry Edward Styles. Born in Evesham, Worcestershire, England and raised in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. My, now divorced, parents are Des Styles and Anne Cox, my stepdad is Robin, and I have an older sister named Gemma. Anything else?"

Ria thought for a moment. "...Any weird facts?" 

He looked at her weirdly with a laugh. "Weird facts? Hmm okay, umm I hate it when people bite caps off glass bottles, I'm scared of snakes, I sleep talk, and I have four nipples." He smiled at her confused face. 

"W-What?" Ria asked, amused. "You have four nipples?" She laughed a little, curious as to what it'd look like. 

Harry nodded with a smile. "Yeah! Want to see?" He joked.

Ria immediately slapped his arm and looked away to hide her blush. "Hell no!" 

They both laughed and looked at each other for a second. Once again, they were caught in each other's gazes like there was a magnetic pull. They couldn't look away. Once again, Harry leaned in closer, closed his eyes, and gave it another shot. 

Before Ria could even take a breath, lips were on hers and her heart beat like it was on fire. Butterflies flew in her stomach and she couldn't help but kiss back, her cheeks flushed. Harry smiled into the kiss and hugged her waist to deepen the kiss.

Both closed their eyes and felt like they were in heaven. 

Ria fell succumbed to this boy and his feelings. *I think I fell for you instead of Louis...* She hugged him back in the kiss and melted away. 

*I think I fell for the wrong one... but I think it's alright..*

-The End-

A/N: Did I forget to mention it was a quick story? Well it is! It's a oneshot so yeyy!! I'm done! Merry Christmas y'all!

Love you Ria<3 Hope you liked it c: THIS IS THE FASTEST I'VE FINISHED A STORY. LOL meeting deadlines are hard;A; ~thederpydino.    

Oh and I don't know if this is allowed, but if you're an AFF reader, then why not check out my stories there? lol click here!


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MarkTuan  on says:
Nice of you to write for your best friend ^_^

HunterLieu  on says about chapter 4:
*warm fuzzy feelings now* hahaha yeah I've always pondered about the notion that just because someone likes you doesn't mean YOU have to like them but..pressure pressure!

HunterLieu  on says about chapter 1:
It's all good! I don't know anything about 1D either so (〃 ̄︶ ̄)┘└( ̄︶ ̄〃). By the way the first chapter has already captured my interest! Looking forward to clicking forward hahaha... After I shower

Lacilixieux  on says about chapter 2:
Update soon! ^^

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