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our mission.

"exterminate your writer's block"

Welcome to `〈 Taste of Loneliness + 〉; your idea center. 

Providing the FFO community with top of the line resources that'll make your writing experience a breeze.

+ still under construction +


navigate through the TARDIS.

"come on, be extraordinary"

the collection 

001 »  ( the rules) «                         
002 »  ( story titles) «                       
003 + beyond »  ( story plots + ideas ) «             

(submit your ideas(we are hiring)

+ still under construction +

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arosebushqueen  on says about chapter 3:
Some of this is really inspirational!

Nekluna  on says:
Not the intro nor any "chapters" can in any way be called a story fanfic or whatsoever.

Rather more like some sort of blog for sharing thoughts and tips or just a place for brainstorming "ideas" or parts related to making a story or fic.

As it looks now, it should have been made as a blog and not in the space for stories and alike at the site.

Kay_tea114  on says:


luscious--  on says about chapter 4:
Some of the titles gives me inspirations :D

thejoker  on says:
For once, I actually agree with the bat. This idea center is a preetty cool idea. 8)

serene-cascade  on says:
Do you think I could help you out with this shop? :D

decimate-  on says:
Sherlocked!! This is absolutely brilliant! :D The titles are really inspiring. I'm going to have to use one whenever I decide to finally write a story. XD

batman  on says:
This is actually a cool idea! I have some story titles you can use. ^^ I'll pm them to you. :D

sherlocked [A]  on says:
@wom: you do know you can just click the 'reply' button to reply, right? XD

whoviansonmars [A]  on says:
@sleepwalker: lol XD I gave the shop credit but I could not think of rules for anything so I used their rules and credited them. LOL.

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