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Adopted!Wes Evans and Adoptive Mother!Marie Evans


Wes Evans.  An albino, adopted child, a ten year old boy.

He is known in his village for being a problem. A problem they would always backbite and try scurry away from their pure and cleansed society. How they would hate something as…defiant…as him. His problem you wonder?  

Well, it is his inner-self.

His inner-self of – who knows what – has affected his physical form and actions which have been happening ever since the widow, Marie Evans, has taken him into the village.

Angry mobs, riots, and destruction. Will this boy ever find his way out of this troublesome situation? More importantly, will he be able to face his fears…of himself



Hello everyone! :D Finally posting my first fanfic on FFO!

(Credit to those who drew those pictures as well as for the background!) 

I'm really excited about this~ Thestory is actually really short...like really. I write fanfics that are one-shots on AFF, but they are around 20 pages or somthing O.O This was about...474 words, so about a page :) I'd like to also add that I wrote this story for a writing contest and it was my first writing contest i've ever competed in >,< I intended to make the story longer because I had so many ideas planned up, but didn't really go as planned :/I don't think it's that good but the limit of words that needed to be written were a max. of 450 words (lmao passed that limit...meh xD) but yeah, I hope you all enjoy! Please take some of your time to read it, I'd be really thankful if you did! ^___^ 

© Copyrights not intended! Please enjoy reading! Comments and revieews?! XD <3

- Poko24-Chan ^^

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