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Nolin, Eileen, and Ursala Valentine


Vulpeculae = Cunning Fox

In the bustling center of an ordinary city lies an orphanage, a small apartment complex, and the tall oak tree that overlooks the center of a park. The city is a normal one at most, with these factors thrown into there. Nothing out of the ordinary has been thrown into the equation yet.

Nohlin and Eileen are two orphaned siblings that had grown up together since they were mere infants. They suddenly get adopted by a mysterious woman by the name of Ursala, an ordinary social worker in her late 20s who is, ironically, a single woman. With her alluring looks and cunning personality, men go heads-over-heels for her. But she declines them all and lives with the children in her apartment complex that is shared by several other residents on the four floors they live on. This story goes about the lives between Nohlin, Eileen, and Ursala about the hardships of growing up in a family and the bond that ties them together from the moment they had met. But there is much more to that, for the children only sees their mother's foxed face and nothing below that. What lurks below that mask of fake cheer and glee and what are the rumors of several murder scenes that are circling around their city?


This actually came to play with three elements: 

Nohlin This was actually the first name of a fellow classmate of mine in art class who was a junior. I believe that his name was actually spelled "Nolin", but I like some flair while writing, so Nohlin it was. When I first heard Nolin's name in class, I thought of it as beautiful. As in, it sounds pleasant and makes you feel all light and airy when you say his name. This guy was the quiet type and merely smiles instead of laughs, but he can be compassionate and caring when he wants to. I actually appreciated this quietness when the majority of our art table was rambunctious and notorious, and admired his careful handiwork on his art projets (though my teacher would get quite tired at him going at such a tortiose-speed). My Nohlin takes shape from the real Nolin I know in real life. 

M.I.S.T: An old supernatrual story that I had started writting in my summer of 8th grade. At first, I was completely thrilled with it's concept of four children having supernatrual powers and running away from their prison lab, only to be found and taken in by a buisness tycoon. But after awhile, I began to reread through my works and wasn't completely satisfied with its story-plot and found myself in a pit without any inspiration. That was also when I began to stop writing due to real life situations and my hatred for my writing style. I recently picked it up again and decided to create a fresh new story, stripping off all the excess characters that I was planning to add in and take two of the original four children as my main characters of my new story and took off the main lead's last name for my own. 

Jormungand (Anime): In my summer of ninth grade, I began to rewatch anime and found this great show called Jormungand (meaning "World Snake"). It follows the story of a young boy who is a mercenary working for an arms dealer. I found myself to love the main female lead's character personality and also based it off for Ursala. I recommend everyone go watch if you don't mind watching anime and lots of guns, bullets, and blood. Be prepared for lots of military terms used in there though. 


This story will probably be updated on and off, considering that I am normally out of ideas once I write something down and that real life likes to take over. 


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BrokenAbyssChain  on says:
I rarely read on here or AFF anymore because I'm busy with my own stuff, but this seems interesting.

I was really surprised when I saw you mention Jormungand. It's not as popular as it should be! Funny thing is, I have a fic that was partly inspired by that anime/manga too, called Running With Wolves.

I'm looking forward to reading this when there are a few more chapters.

Good luck with your story!

nightlife6081  on says about chapter 1:
This is really good so far~ Looking forward to more!

asphyxy  on says about chapter 1:
Aww, you decribe their relationship so beautifully without actually describing it, if that makes any sense??
Can't wait for the next update!

Winterflowr  on says about chapter 1:
So they were abandoned? Not their parents dying? T_T I feel so bad!

Oh gosh--this definitely sounds like you! But please go over--there are grammar stuff to fix!

Winterflowr  on says:
I'm expecting a lot from both the foreword and description! the last two sentences are like WOW!

I though you were going to write a nice story about family until I read the last line. It's so you!

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