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You Alistair Duncan Morrigan Leilana Zevran


As the daughter of the noble Teyrn of Highever, Bryce Cousland,you leads a fairly pleasant life. 

She lives happily togehter with her father, mother , brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

But it seemed to change into a flash....


A fanfiction based on the game Dragon Age Origins

*update* I am already planning to make one of Dragon Age II too, after finishing this one


you walks into the main room. Father seemed to want to talk to her.

"Ah, there you are , Pup!", Bryce Cousland says.

"Good day to you, Milady", says Howe.,"You became very beautiful . My son has heard of your prowess as a warrior. He really wants to meet up with you ."

you nods. "I'd be happy to."

"Now then ,Pup.  are going of into war, and I want you to take care of everything within our home, can you do that?"

"Yes , ofcourse I can. You can count on me, Father.", she says coinfidentally.

"That's what I like to here! Oh I want you to bring a message to your brother. But first you need to meet someone."

As Bryce Cousland said this, a tall dark man , comes in.

"This is Duncan, Commander of the Grey Warden."

"It's a pleasure to meet you.", you says.

"The pleasure is mine." , Duncan says.

The Grey Wardens were formed during the first Blight. Darkspawn came to the surface and raided the land of Thedas.

Normal people couldn't defeat them alone. Than the Grey Wardens arrived, on their griffons, and brought an end to the Blight by killing the Archdemon.

Bryce send his daughter away, to bring his message to Fergus.

As you walk trough the courtyard ,she meets Ser Gilmore.

He asks her to get her dog out of the larder. "Nan is furious."

you goes with him to the kitchen.

"You and YOU , get that mutt out of the larder! How many times do I have to ask you that!", yells Nan.

"I'm sure he means no harm.", you says as she walks into the larder.

Mik, the dog, begins to bark and jumps up and down, as if he wants to tell her something.

"What's wrong boy?", you asks.

All of a sudden giant rats crawl around.

you and Ser Gilmore quickly kill all de rats before they have a chance to escape.

"That were some big rats!"; Ser Gilmore says.

"See, my dog wasn't making havoc, he was chasing those rats. Aren't you a good boy.", you says.

"Anyway, shoudl we tell Nan?" , Ser Gilmore asks.

"Better not." you says as she walks out of the larder followed by Mik and then by Ser Gilmore.

After having another argue with Nan over the dog you walk out to bring your message to Fergus.






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N1ghtshade  on says about chapter 1:
Oh my gosh. A Dragon Age fic. Can I like, love you forever?

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