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graphic shop
since 2014
The Dark Shop

Hey guys! We are the Dark Shop here to bring to life all your darkest desires and fantasies. All you have to do is request below!

I present you with batch two featuring the one and only Wylona Hayashi! Please do follow the rules and request. Remember that under the shops status under Wylona's picture, dark red means the shops current status and rose pink is just the options. Hence if Open is in red then we ARE open, and if Hiring is in rose then we are NOT hiring.

The dark shop is a graphics shop that will provide posters for your stories, backgrounds, and character charts. I will not be doing icons, roleplay posters, or anything not related to an actual written story. I also will not being doing graphics here that include Kpop or Jpop artists unless you are using their face for an OC. This site is created for everything besides K-Pop/J-pop so i'd like to fully promote that theory.

Just a reminder that dark red means the current status of the shop.
Batch 2 open.
featured poster
latest poster
request rules
1. Subscribe and stay subscribed.
2. No stories in draft form. The foreword must be published at the very least.
3. No rushing or bashing, and redo's are accepted at the designers discretion.
4. Comment after pick up. Password is: NEVERMORE
request status
missnovelist : Eyes : vonnie : completed
chanyeolsragram : Vampire Academy : baekxingg : completed
Jay_Kay : The Summoned Ones : Vonnie : Completed
Jay_Kay : Konoha Camp : Vonnie : accepted
requester : There's Something About Cameron : TBA : Accepted
requester : Title : designer : Status
requester : Title : designer : Status




No foreword posted.

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Jay_Kay  on says:
I love the poster~ thank you <3

Jay_Kay  on says:
Um, I was going to pick my poster up [i was on vacation, ence why I didn't sooner] but it says that the image no longer exists-- OTL

lightninthunderstein  on says:
I have requested^^

Jay_Kay  on says:
I have requested~ [it's for a different story, though]

Jay_Kay  on says:
I have requested ouo

chanyeolstagram  on says:
i've requested ^^

missnovelist  on says about chapter 3:
Although I couldn't see the words very well, but the poster's still beautiful! Thank you so much. :') ♥

missnovelist  on says:
I requested! :)

daeguknamahForever  on says:
Thank you SO much for making my Demon Stones poster. I love it!

yingjumeihua  on says:
ooh, thank you :)

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