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Fayte, Damien, Kingdom of Light and Dark



In the mirror world, a great war has broke out between the Kingdoms of Light and Darkness and the King and Queen are left to fight and defend their noble kingdom.


Princess Fayte is taken away by her protector, Damien to the world we know today at the cost of giving up all memories of her protector and the kingdom she had once belonged to in return for being protected until she of age to defend her kingdom.

As Damien promises, he will come for her once she is sixteen and she will regain her memories...but will he make it?


Will Damien die in the battle?

Will Fayte regain her memories?

Or will Damien be too late?

Will the girl raised in a kingdom be able to adapt to the modern day?

Or will she not?


Read on and maybe you'll find out....




Well hello~ I started this story on my computer and I thought I'd start posting it here so yeah.

Hope you guys enjoy ^-^ comments, subbies and such are welcome but not a necessity. I'm posting this for you guy's enjoyment, not for popularity. ^-^ <333 soooo love you guys!

Hope you guys like it!

-Star \(^-^)/



No foreword posted.

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