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You & He


  Authors Note
      So...This is going to be my first FF here.

Do you still remember the good times?
How we walked this path, talking, joking and laughing.
The lovely look you gave me, you were looking at me like I’m the only girl in your world.
We once were in love with each other.
But our laughing, joking and talking turns into silence.
Your lovely eyes were now looking on your phone, texting with some other girls, while I was walking next to you, only seeing you smiling at your phone.




Date beguin: 14 .May 2014

Date end: 17.May 2014





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MarkTuan  on says:
Nice nice!!

angelicsmile  on says about chapter 1:
Nice story ^^

AcornyJOKES  on says about chapter 1:
*I don't have any feelings for you* <--- that feeling when jay said to hana. Was really hurting. I enjoyed reading this. Nice :D

mochicyan  on says:
Good job, thanks for writing this. I enjoyed reading this.

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