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She is a machine. A piece of technology. She can not feel. She cannot trust. 

Version 1.01, she is the oldest of the machines. Made in 1999, by Jason Williams, she is considered a failure.

Maybe she is.

She was the first piece of machinery the man made, and the first one to be disposed. But what if she wasn't disposed off correctly?

What if she was found by another?

Will she experience what she was supposed to? Will she experience what she was not supposed to? Will she ever fulfill the reason of her birth?

coming soon...

ambrosine, ?? - kris, 27 - jason,34 - adeladie, 25


Coming Soon

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angelicsmile  on says:
Please update soon

nightlife6081  on says:
This sounds really cool! Looking forward to it~

anne197  on says:
Sounds interesting, update soon, yeah? *aegyo*

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