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Kay (OC) | Mio | Seon | Tae Young | Jaison | Tae Jun


In their heart of hearts, an arrow, and an infinity symbolizes...

[Heart of hearts: One's inmost feelings]

[Arrow: power, war, love, friendship]

[Infinity: forever]


Kayleen wanted nothing more than to start afresh with her mother after two years in the Juvenile Center. But when a stranger from an orphanage came for her upon the discharge, a truism line was cruelly drawn in her heart.


Despite all the pitfalls happened in her life, everything pulverized in one corner when she met her, who was far more sinister than the secrets she had kept until now...






First and love, when combined, it depicted a vague line – one side was white, and the other side was black – white was pure; black was stained. It was all about trial and error. Like when you did something wrong; you held in your breath, refused to stop as you kept apologizing until you clicked the right tone of "sorry", and so everything revert to neutral.


First love was supposedly like that – a reversible mistake – a lesson. 



Heart of Hearts 

When it's all too much that you fall apart

There's a state of grace called your heart of hearts.

- Don Williams -

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