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In summer blue or gray winter nights

I would never truly understand you.

Underneath the river of stars

I wish sometimes that I could see you.

In only a few seconds miles become nothing.

Fate that teases, wagging a glittering wand at me,

just to tell me that it could never be.

An arrow of cupid it plays with the heart

introducing me to you, but never you to me.

Oh, how cruel this magic is, for I am not the only one.

Thousands of whispers that have wishes more passionate than me; to all it is in vain.

Wanting more and selfishly wanting to keep you to myself.

Like a star that I can't reach, it's a love made of dreams.

I hate and I envy, yet I'll gladly for your sake,

wait for the day when you find your true love.

Secretly in the corner of my heart I wonder if it'll be me,

for you never know where paths will meet.

But to all who feel the same as me,

we can only hope and dream.


Yeah, so I wrote this thinking about my kpop bias. The poem (I guess it's a poem?) doesn't exactly describe all of what we feel as fans, but I think that it at least gets some of the feelings across. I find it kind of sad, that we like them so much, but these feelings will never be fulfilled. That our biases will never know who we are (except for those that actually got to meet their bias for real). So, yeah, I guess that's all I've got to say for now.

Please comment. Maybe comment on who your bias is. (Mine's Tao of Exo).

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Anggie  on says:
I could relate to this TT.TT
My biases are ChanLu :)

LalaMunawaroh  on says:
This poem like my story : tears*

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