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Ahn JaeHyo , OC ( Lee SaeRi )


The more you have , the more you want .


She have everything . She's rich , she's pretty , she's talented , popular and she even have a lover .


She has everything , but then she wants more . She wants more money , more popularity , a better life and a better boyfriend .


what she has right now doesn't satisfy her , she was never satisfied with anything . She's a spoiled brat , who wants more that she needed , she always feels that something is lacking in her life . She was never satisfied with the perfection of her life .


Until one day , she was given one wish . She wasted that one wish for more , more money , more popularity ,better life , better boyfriend , and more perfection . But instead of getting what she want , she start losing them .



He has anything but everything . It's true that he might be good looking and tall and talented , but then he doesn't have money , nor does he have a parent or decent shelter to stay in .


Everyday and night , he is being chased by loan sharks , it become a daily routine . He has to hide , he has to run , like he was a criminal .


But then he is always happyand positive minded , suicide never crosses his mind . No matter if he's sad or in pain , happy or angry , A smile , that's what always plastered on his charming face .


He never wishes for more , he was satisfied with what he have , all he need is a person , just one person , to love him . He's satisfied with the imperfection of his life .


Her : 



Him :



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Credit for Smiling In The Rain Vintage Films 1.0 for the super amazing trailer .

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TullaAndLynn  on says:
The him looks emo.

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