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Anthony Sykes, Michael Rhodes, Noah Karrim, Ariella Goldstein, Yasir Lakhan, Liu Jianyu, Abel Akinyemi, Jonah Lachance, Konrad Reiner, Kang TaeHyun, Vincenzo Fiore, Danh Hiue, Chase Renard, Mishka Alexandri + More



With growing acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity, inter-governmental military alliances come to an agreement with the highest classification: A team of highly resourceful criminals and a handful of law enforcers with dubious records will form a specialized unit with the rare authority to carry jurisdiction across borders – and the secret clearance to shoot to kill.

Dangerous and the best in their fields, six criminals and four fallen from grace law enforcement personnel are granted immunity from their pasts if they comply with the rules that come with part of being the newly formed Unit Kill-List. The consequence if they try to run? The explosive implanted in their necks will be detonated.



Running With Wolves
Good – Illegal is always faster.

Theme Songs
Remember The Name – Fort Minor
Time To Attack – Santa

Crime, Comedy, Political, Action, Mystery, Gallows Humour, Soul Searching, Relationships

Anthony Sykes, Michael Rhodes, Noah Karrim, Ariella Goldstein, Yasir Lakhan, Liu Jianyu, Abel Akinyemi, Jonah Lachance, Konrad Reiner, Kang TaeHyun, Vincenzo Fiore, Danh Hiue, Chase Renard, Mishka Alexandri + More

Start Date
[Original] 1st June 2013
[Reboot] 3rd February 2016

End Date

Swearing, Sexual Themes, Violence, Organized Crime, Torture/Gore, Bigotry, Sexism/Classism/Racism.







[In Order of appearance]


Anthony Sykes
Don’t Stand So Close To Me – The Police
“You should know what happens to a dog that bites back. I’m not in the mood for games, nor a petty thief playing big. You’ve had your chance – you have no right to look at me like that – Sit back and wait for the consequences of your actions.”


Michael Rhodes
Castle Walls - Styx
“Every single one of you signed up for this. If you think I can just change the rules for one of you, then you’re wrong. As much as I want to help…It’s your problem…”


Noah Karrim
Old Number Seven - Devil Makes Three
“Kyahahaha. You think you know me? Let’s go.”


Liu Jianyu
I'll Be Good - James Young
“You can’t say that to me. I’ve waited for this chance for a long time. I won’t stand here and take that. Not from you; not from anyone.”


Konrad Reiner
There They Go – Fort Minor ft Sixx
“Loyalty means little to those these days. There seems to be a price for everyone. However, it seems your price falls a little short.”


Jonah Lachance
I'm Not Vampire - Fallin In Reverse
“We only have one life, tell me why I wouldn’t use it to the fullest. Oh, yes, that. That…I know I should apologize for that, but I just enjoyed it just too much.”


Kang TaeHyun
Immortals - Fall Out Boy  
“From what I’ve been told, I’m more than capable of becoming a criminal. But I don’t want that. I’m here to prove that I have morals, and that I will always stand by what I say.”


Vincenzo Fiore
Hooligans – Example ft Don Diablo [VIP Mix]
“I’ve never stolen from a person whom couldn’t afford it; don’t make me out to be such a horrible person - I just like cars. The other stuff... If you say my skills give me a free pass, I will bet my life on reaching the finish line first.”


Abel Akinyemi
No Church In The Wild – Jay-Z & Kanye West  
“Don’t you dare ask for my motives. You were the ones whom brought me here. I’ll do as my contract instructs: Hand over my contacts and shoot to kill; that was it, right?”


Ariella Goldstein
Pretty Little Psycho – Porcelain Black
“I may have a pretty face, but that don’t automatically dismiss my brain. I fact, it’s down to me that you’re here right now. Don’t you just want to tear into me?”


Dahn Huie
Kill V. Maim - Grimes
“Move, and I’ll ram this X-95 so far down your throat I’ll be able to blow your balls off from the inside. And I won’t stop there; you mother, your father, your siblings, your friends. I’ll kill them all as I save you from bleeding out just to make sure you see them die. I’ll even kill your dog.”


Chase Renard
Best of You – Foo Fighters
“You hold a gun up to me, and you say you know me – clearly you’re not so well informed if you think a bullet is a fear of mine.”


Mishka Alexandri
Kick In The Teeth – Papa Roach
“Getting me alone means nothing. I’m Chase’s partner for a reason.”








Anthony Sykes: Victor Garber
Michael Rhodes: Jensen Ackles
Noah Petronijević: Brooklyn Decker
Ariella Goldstein: Cevena Fox
Yasir Lakhani: Ali Zafar
Liu Jianyu: Jet Li
Abel Akinyemi: Idris Elba
Jonah Lachance: Sebastian Roche
Konrad Reiner: Michael Fassbender
Kang TaeHyun: Kim SooHyun
Vincenzo Fiore: Milo Ventimiglia
Danh Hieu:Nick Kunatip
Chase Renard: David Anders
Mishka Alexandri: Misha Collins



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Destiel  on says:
Y'know, I forgot how excited I was for this story. I really wanted to read the intro's and how we were recruited, especially to see the ridiculous stipulations we'd require.

I really wanna read this. If you're bored and looking for something to write, I'd enjoy an update for this :)

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