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Thoa, Yu, Yu's mom and dad, and some bad guys, and Yu's friend Kimkin


Part one is about how Thoa and Yu meet and become friends. 


My First Love Part 1


We both stood, looking at each other. The sun was a red-orange and the wind was strong. Our eyes were locked on each other’s. It was strange how we first met. So let start from the begging. (Relaxing music in back ground) It all started when I saw him lying back on his back car.


I was walking home from work when I saw this guy lying back on his black shine car. I just kept going and walked right pass him. He was just some stranger who was under cover like in the movies. But I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Nature was making me fall for him even more. The wind blew his bangs back and forth. The sun shined on his sunglasses. I was helpless and stopped to watch him for a second or two. My smart phones started ring I totally for got about him. It was my alarm. I started running home and tried to forget him. When I got home dad was at his office doing paper work and mom was in the kitchen cooking food. “I’m home.” I run up to my room and close the door. I take off my shoes and put them in the corner. Then fall on the bed. I finally got my paycheck today. i get up and set at my desk. My mac pro turns on and I type my password in. I start doing homework and after that done its already night and I take a shower and go down stairs. “Yu, tell your father its time to eat.” I go to my dad’s office. “Hay dad, mom says its time to eat.” We both go to the kitchen and dad prays before we eat. “So, how’s work Yu?” My mom always asked when I got home. “I got my pay check today.” Mom and dad seem satisfied and after that I go to the bathroom and wash up before bed. I turn on my lamp and turn off the lights. It feels a little strange. I turn on my mac pro again and start watching a TV drama. After its about eleven I charge my mac and head to bed. That night I dream about strange things and then the guy I saw later that day appears. He walks towards me but never reaches me. I start to run to him for so reason. Then he pulls out a gun. He aims it at me and I stop. I hear something ringing in my dream and its annoying. I wake up to find my alarms ringing like crazy. I turn it off because todays Sunday and I get the day off. I lye in bed as I try to remember what happened in my dream. “Did he really point the gun at me? I guess it means that he doesn’t like me.”

I get up and wash before going down stairs. My mom and dad are sitting in the living listening to the radio. My mom looks up from trying to read from a newspaper. “Yu can you go buy some food for me. Thanks Yu.” I get the car keys and get in the car. I drive to the stop sign and wait. There’s a play ground a few feet away and kids are playing. But then I see this one little girl who starts walking past the gates and into the road. I get out of my car and start running to the girl. “look out.” I grab the girls arm and pull her into a hug. Were only a few inches from the road and some cars and trucks started driving by fast shaking the ground. I’m on my tip toes and we fall into the grass. A woman screams and some people start running our ways. “Are you ok dear.” I get up and pull the girl out from under me. The mother I guess hugs the girl and they walk off. “ok?” I get up and walk back to my car. That was pretty close. More like to close. The lights already green so I turn lift and drive into the store parking lot. I get out and walk to the story and buy some milk, eggs, butter, oil, bread, yogurt, and other things. I head back home and stop at a red light wail waiting. I look to see who’s beside me. It’s the same guy I saw from that late afternoon. The light turns green and I head home. I stay home cleaning the whole place from top to bottom. Later I get a call from a close friend. “Hay…can … pick up…” It was friend kimkin, she always liked going to bars or clubs again. “yea, don’t worry I’ll pick you up. By.” I tell mom and dad I’m leaving and I start the car and head to the city. I call kimkin, “Where are you? I don’t see you.” I drive a little more and I deiced to find her by feet than car because the road is full of cars and traffics slow. I start running because I know its not safe at night and I try to find my friend. The streets are lighted up with lights of every color. I final find Kimkin and then we have another problem. I can’t remember where I parked the car. This was making my day horrible. “Hay kimkin, try to help would you. I didn’t come all this way so I could get lost or killed trying to take you home. Do you even care want your parents would say?” I felt like hours and we still couldn’t find my car. Then came something bad.  A gang of guys with big chains and baggy clothes started to surround us. “were you going little lady? No need to be in a hurry?” They must have though it was funny or something because they couldn’t stop laughing. The leader I think came closer and pulled on kimkin making me loss my balance and we both fell. I was so pissed but didn’t want it to get to me. This friend of mine was so drunk she was going to either get killed or left behind because I didn’t really care either way. But being a “good friend” that I am I couldn’t leave this “thing” here because I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. “You have really nice hair lady, mine if I have? Heheheh.” I couldn’t hole it anymore. “ Get the buck away before I brake you kid.” The guys started laughing. “ Is she kidding? We’ll see won’t we.” One guy behind me grabbed my arm and pined me down to the ground. It was so fast I didn’t even know what had happened. One of the other guys picked up kimkin and started walking off. “Stop!” I tried to move but I was totally out of my leeg. The guy who pinked me down took out a knife and placed it to my neck. “do what I say or I slice your neck lady.” “Shit.” I rather be dead than be rapped by this jerk. “Just kill me demit.” I closed my eyes shut and I could the bladed cutting skin. The metal knife was hard and cold. The blood from my neck was warm and hot. I was sure he would cut deeper. But the slicing stopped and the guy behind me, his weight was gone. “What?” I opened my eyes to see a tall, dark haired guy holding a gun and wearing sunglasses. It was the same guy from that later afternoon. I stood up and backed away as the dark guy in sunglasses started kicking the gangs butts. They ran afterwards. My friend was on the ground still sleeping. The sunglasses guy started to wake away. It was a strange feeling. The lighting in the area has turned a purple and his leather jacket was reflecting the light. This time I watched him disappear into crowd of people. I was thankful he had showed up. Other wise I’d be dead. After I found my car I put kimkin in the back and started the car. After I took kimkin home I went home and ran to my room so my parents wouldn’t see the blood around my neck. After I working on the wound I went to bed. The room was dark and I didn’t realize I was squeezing my pillow so tight. When I was trying to be brave but I was so scared. The tears wouldn’t stop unit I final fell asleep. The pain in my neck hurt so much the next morning. I got ready for school and left in the morning. Then later that day I went to work and stopped at the park. I sat under a big tree. The cool wind came to greet me. It was refreshing and calming. I could lay there all day. Nothing to worry about but my self. I could feel the afternoon sun shining on me and then something coved it. I opened my eyes and saw it was dark hair, tall, sunglasses guy who saved me the other night. “How’s your neck?” It was a cold voice with out feeling or anything. But at least he remembered. “Its fine but still hurts a little. Oh. By the way. I just…wanted to thank you for helping me the other night.” I couldn’t tell what he was thinking because he had the sunglasses on. Then he sat beside me. “I would say it was a save for two in one day.” He must have saw me save the little girl and my friend the other day. “Yea, I guess. So what’s your name? I mean you don’t have to tell me, sorry.” He laughed a little at the way I talked. “I’d say its your friends fault first. You can call me Thoa. I don’t have many friends so this is maybe the first time ever told anyone anything about myself.” I t was like we were lost friends trying to remember about each other but could only start from the beginning again. “so, do you think we could be friends?” He smiled. “You can be my friend outside of work and maybe undercover work.” Later the sun started to go down and I had to go. “By Thoa.” I walked home the rest of the way happy. At least we were friends. And that was at least good for me. The next day after school I headed to work. I worked at a bakery. The place always smell great when I can and left. I brought some and was heading home when I noticed this guy in hood. He had followed me almost the whole way home. I didn’t want him to know where I really lived so I kept taking different turns and going farther from my house. “Thoa.” I kept saying his name in my head because I couldn’t keep this up any longer. I turned around and started running. “Shit.” I could hear the guy right behind me. I saw an old house that some family moved out of and started running that way. I opened the gate and locked it. Then ran inside the house. I hid in the shadows and peeked outside. He looked around first then jumped over the gate. The jump seemed off and it was to high for any human to do. When he landed I could see a part of the ground that went down.  Ok, this time the guy really wasn’t human. I had to get out some how fast but with out being killed or whatever thing guy was going to do. The whole place had gates all round the house and getting over it might give the non-human guy time to kill me. But I was going to have to try or die trying at least. I opened the back door and started running for the gate but the non-human guy was faster now. He punched me once and it sent me flying to the other side of the gate. The pain in my chest hurt. It was hard to breath with all the air hit out of you. I took in deep breaths to stay calm and start breathing again. Then Thoa showed up and was holding my shoulder. “You must have bad luck, Yu.” He stood in front and held out his hand. Then closed his eyes and a white light shined out and burned the non-human beast into nothing. Thoa turned back to me. “Come on get up we have to get out of here. I stood up with hurt legs and he drove me home. When I woke up he was gone and I was in my room. It was still dark and I kind of missed him. I felt so weak and helpless around him. He always had to come and be my knight and shining armor.  But it wasn’t all bad right? 

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