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Otabek Altin,Yuri Plisetsky


Yuri is a social media blogger who goes by 'Russian Punk Offical' is a model for many online stores.

He gets paid to take photos in their clothes and do video reviews.

Otabek is a DJ who only uses social media to promote his gigs. Yuri is more popular than Otabek online due to being more active.

Every once in a while followers that Yuri and Otabek have in common will link Yuri to a video/photo posted by Otabek and Yuri will leave a nice comment or encourage his own followers to check out one of Otabek's performances, resulting in Otabek's follower number blowing up.

Otabek is pleasantly surprised one day to discover that his following has nearly doubled overnight, probably because of Yuri's simple support.

Figuring that it's about time to say thank you to Yuri, Otabek  sends a private message to Yuri introducing himself officially and expressing his gratitude.

Within a few hours,Yuri sends back a response. From then on,Yuri and Otabek start messaging one another on a regular basis.


AN: Yuri's age is his canon 17,his birthday is in March which means he already had his birthday and won't age in the story until next year.
Otabek is his canon 18 which means he will turn 19 in the story this year since his birthday is in Oct.
Also please keep in mind that Kazakhstan is a few hours ahead of Russia but times stated will be the same (in the fic,it'll be Russian time)
for both Yuri & Otabek's messages for the sake of my sanity.
If you click on Otabek/Yuri's usernames (@DJAltin/@RussianPunkOfficial),you will be taken to insta accounts with the same names. I have made these for updates on the story as well as cosplay posts related to the story.

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