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Cast of Pokemon anime, Nohr cast of Fire Emblem Fates


No one outside of Ash's circle knows what really happened to him. In fact, no one actually knows where he had even left. One faithful day, he seemed to be with only a couple of his friend and even less of his pokemon and just suddenly vanished.

What could have happened to him?

Perhaps the tournament in an unheard kindom till now might have all the answers.

Ten years have passed and soon comes the Pokemon World Tournament. What happens when he returns after all those years alive and with these strange new people by his side for it? How would his friends, both former and current react to his return? Who will win the tournament?

And most importantly, what secrets does this kingdom still have lurking in the shadows?
Pokeani x Fire Emblem Fates crossover



Where do I begin with any of this?

Well I guess first, off, hello. It's been like what? 2015 since I've ever posted on here? That's sure a long time. I was literally only on my 2nd semester in university then. And well...here I am still in university, but at least I've had all that time to reflect and have a more clear goal in what to persue after I graduate.

But this isn't about me, obviously, we're here for this fic, aren't we? This idea has been long on and off in development. All the way back in November 2016. I've had literally the main synopsis, the first three chapters and the beginning of the fourth chapter all written and saved in my documents and went back every few months to tweak little by little. Not to say it's not where I would want it to be at this point, but every few months I always came back to reading this story and just honestly facinated how me from a little over two years ago was trying their best to get into the meat of worldbuilding the main setting of this story, even if it was a crossover with a very overused idea in the Pokemon fanfiction community, mind you. I thought I'd actually try to post this story and rewrite a good amount of the completed chapters to the best of my abilities.

Obviously between then and now, my style of writing may have changed and it will show between what's been written and what is going to be rewritten. My writing influences itself are all different now compared to then. I prefer more mystery undertones and heavy worldbuilding and even myself who wrote this had the basis for it considering how lengthy these 1st finished drafts already are to focus on setting and character interactions with both sides. I definitely want to get more in depth into it such as the reprocusions of certain things that have happened.

I'm pretty sure I've gone long enough of what I want to achieve with this. I decided to revive this story as a passion project for my love of both series. While I don't have a hard grip for Fates as I used to, I still love for what it could've been if it wasn't so rushed. I was facinated with the whole trope of Ash betrayal fics in the pokeani fanfic community, but the stagnation by the same tropes always disinterested me so very few fics overall has actually gripped my attention long enough to actually like them.

I know this foreward is getting very lengthy, even for my own taste but I at least thought an explanation was in order before we actually get to the uploads. At least by then, hopefully my end notes won't be so winded like this but no promises.

So here's how things will go in this foreward and all end notes onwards. I'll be mostly pasting my original notes on all these end notes depending on the the topic of the chapter. More than likely the newer chapters will have less past notes since well, obviously the story didn't go far depite my mind having gone like 10 steps ahead of it.

Anyway, here I'll be pasting notes, scatch out what ideas I won't be using and write the changes from those original ideas will be here.


Original Prestory Notes| Crossed notes that will no longer be in the final version| Revisions/Additions --

-Ash is still 10 at the beginning of the fic to make more sense with his age in the FE side.

-Ash is indeed the “avatar” of the FE side. (He'll be going by his JP name here.)

-In terms of FE side, this will be going the Conquest route to set a more darker tone to the story.

-There will be flashbacks explaining Ash’s disappearance and his life living in Nohr with his “siblings” (Don't expect these to be frequent they will mostly be through either future explanations or in dream sequences.)

-Ash and the royal siblings form their own league in Nohr due to the rise of pokemon in the kingdom as well as if Nohr is ready to leave isolation and commence trading with the other regions.

-Shippings….it’s basically Ash x Male!Harem. (Ho boy, this is sure something. Harems is a major trope that disinterests me in these types of fics but I'm kinda(?) keeping this but it'll be played down emmensely and either way, there will be one ship at the end of this for Ash anyway so.

-Ash actually does not remember his former and current friends and journeys before being taken to Nohr until he encounters them before the tournament. He does not remember his former friends and pokemon until he finally gets a battle with one of them. (This will happen gradually with different battles and not just one like this note implies.)
These are all the notes I'm presenting for now before the start of this story. There was a lot more like all the Fates ships and what Pokemon the royal family and their retainers have, but I'll just let those gradually reveal themselves and even then, first and foremost, romance is obviously not supposed to be a big thing in this story so expect moments to only come in occasional bursts once in a while. Also not revealing ships means I actually do have some of these from the original I definitely have to revise. My only question to you all is if you actually want a crossover ship between a Pokeani and Fates character here? I don't even think I had that idea but I thought it'd be something to throw you all if you like, I personally don't mind.
And with all this out of the way and cleared, expect the first chapter up in a few hours...or probably at the end of the day, who knows. Clearly don't expect regular updates from me even if I really want to get this whole story done. I write when I'm inspired and not force myself.
See you all soon.

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