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Rion Wintar, Charlie Davenport, Alexander Wintar, James Glazer, Philippe Thibodeaux, Noah Kassier, Virgil Kassier, Gabriel Kassier, Mark Daris, Caitlan Mikos, Arrin Daris, Leon Valens, Roman Mercier, Casey Adkins, Daniel Hayes+ Other Minor Characters


A promiscuous psyche assistant, an eruptive party-girl, a dry-witted psychiatric doctor, and a spoilt dog who is sure it's human move into a new town in Louisiana…

Yes, it sounds like the set-up for a cheesy joke, but the situation is far from a barrel of laughs when the family realize that they’ve relocated into a rash of obscure murders in the Deep South that is far from being solved.

With their own pasts haunting them, the Wintar family try to slide into the close-knit community obsessed with death and the supernatural without having too many of their own secrets being picked open like festering wound. Unfortunately for the family of four, they become the prime targets of not only their closest neighbours acres out - who are clearly acussed of nefarious deeds, and people claiming to be everything from witches and beasts of the night, but also hunters targeting those around them.

In less than two weeks, the Wintar family find themselves embroiled in mysteries surpassing their ages combined, lunatics spouting nonsense who break into their new home at any given time, and Hoodoo Queens after their heads due to what was sworn as misunderstandings. 

However, some people are particularly brilliant liars.


Chained By Depravity
No matter what we say, or how we pretend to feel, all we really need is to be connected to somebody. We long for union whether we dare to admit it, or not.


Theme Song
The Chain - Fleetwood Mac
Night of the Hunter - 30 Seconds to Mars

Main Genres
Friendship, Supernatural/Fantasy, Folklore/Mythology, Satire/Dark Comedy, Soul Searching, Young-Adult Shenanigans, Trying to Avoid Prison.

Recurring Themes
Slow-Boil Romance, Action, Drama, Southern Blues Folklore, Horror, Substance Abuse, Important choice-making, The weight of Loyalty, The multitude of effects caused by sexual relationships, Exploring several religions (Witchcraft/Wicca/Satanism/Voodoo/Hoodoo/Christianity/Judaism), Running from your past, Seeking redemption, Overcoming moral & social barriers, and the ever debated question: can you really choose your family?

Rion Wintar, Charlie Davenport, Alexander Wintar, James Glazer, Philippe Thibodeaux, Noah Kassier, Virgil Kassier, Gabriel Kassier, Mark Daris, Caitlin Mikos, Arrin Daris, Leon Valens, Roman Mercier, Casey Adkins, Daniel Hayes, Nanette Baudouin, Marrin Goode + Other Minor Characters.

Start Date
11th June 2014 [Original]
27th March 2020 [Reboot]

End Date

Swearing, Smut. Graphic portrayals of: Substance Abuse, Violence/Torture/Gore, Moral & Social Corruption, Mental/Physical/Emotional Abuse, Sick/Morbid Jokes. Heavy on the mythology and folklore at parts. Lots of pop culture references & Sour puns. NSFW for the most part for one reason or another (blatant cursing to graphic mutilation).

Author’s Note
Over the last couple of decades or so, werewolves in media have gone from being wild animals that kill anything that moves whilst in transition and thereafter to, well, pussies. They’re all shown as clean-cut and have perfect handles on their nature. To me, that isn’t what a werewolf is and I’m going to try and bring back that primal beast that has been pushed aside for the prettier image of gleaming abs. Although, there will be a lot of gleaming body parts throughout - both male and female. Some shining in divine beauty, some covered in their own guts...But they will be gleaming...

I don’t claim to be an expert on werewolves. I did, however, do a lot of research on the matter of both fictional beings and real wolves in the wild. I have kept some of the base attributes of most of the mythological creatures that will be involved, but I’ve also tried to mix it up to take away the predictability of the overdone supernatural trope.

I do not own the actors used to portray the characters. I do not own any of the real clubs, plantation houses, locations, etc, that will be mentioned.
I do, however, own the plot, fictional characters, character card graphics and poster/’book cover'.

I do NOT take responsibility for any minors who read this. As mentioned in the warnings above and prior warnings set by the site, there are a lot of darker themes that are not suitable for the squeamish, innocent, or underaged.








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