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Hawks (Takami Keigo), Endeavor (Todoroki Enji), Dabi (Todoroki Tōya), Shigaraki Tomura (Shimura Tenko). [Original Character] Zero


When one of his employee's pro-hero friends come to visit, Hawks finds himself compelled to find out more about the wacko who fearlessly baits him with childish bird-related nicknames and banter which verges on sexual harassment more often than not. Intrigued by the woman who has made an enemy out of the Press with her outspoken views on touchy subjects, the number two hero ends up discovering a whole lot more than embarrassing old school photographs and the fact she has more vices than most of the villains he's put away.



What the Hell, Hero?
Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.

Theme Songs
Nothing But You - Conor Maynard
Slow Grenade - Ellie Goulding & Lauv

Relationships, Comedy, Romance, Action, Drama, Organized Crime, Superhero

Short-ish fic (12,000 words+ / Subject to change)

Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academy

Hawks (Takami Keigo), Endeavor (Todoroki Enji), Dabi (Todoroki Tōya), Shigaraki Tomura (Shimura Tenko). [Original Character] Zero

[Main] Hawks/Zero (O.C).
[Not specifically romantic] Dabi/Hawks/Zero, Endeavour/Dabi/Hawks, Shigaraki/Zero, Dabi/Zero, Endeavour/Zero, Past!Zero/Aizawa.

Start Date
21st June 2020

End Date

Slight Spoilers: Real Names, and maybe canon character pasts. Swearing, Sexual Themes, Violence, Substance Abuse, Depression. Unstable Mental Health, Past Abuse



Cry - Ashnikko ft Grimes
"I think I broke him..."

Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer
"Are you going to kiss me, or suck out my soul?"

How You Like Me Now - The Heavy
"I'll tell you something for free, brat: you're seriously deluded if you think a woman like that is just going to sit back and let it go after what you've just done."

Moth - Hellyeah
"What's more fun than watching those so-called do-gooders struggle with their own despair because their lives are lacking due to their sense of justice and morals getting in their way? If they let go of their ideals of right and wrong just because society tells them so, then they wouldn't have such a hard time."

Party Like A Russian - Robbie Williams
"Haven't we all been thrown away by at least one person we thought cared about us? Come on, I'm holding out a means to your end: you get your wish fulfilled and I get some extra muscle."


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