Chapter 1

by syasdfghjkl__
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         Chapter 1

► Dear My Nights • SungHee (Oh My Girl)


           The girl beside the bed that I currently reside in is currently staring at me with curiosity. Suddenly, she brings her forehead to my forehead, checking if I have fever or not.


          “W-who are you?” I asked when our eyes meet each other.


          “Oh,” She gasped with pity in her eyes.


          “Oh poor little things, you having accident three days ago, luckily only your head is injured,” She said with trembling voice, and then she burst into tears.


          “But they never told me you are going to forget everything,” She is sobbing at this point, I don’t have any but to offer her hug since it’s can calm her down while explaining everything to me.


          I look at my surrounding, a room with decent interiors. There is nothing much except the bed, small closet and study table across the window. I sigh, this is not where I live.


          “Are you finally calm down?” I asked and she nodded. “Then, would you explain to me again?” I asked with the nicest smile I have. 


          “Your name is Nerissa, three days ago; you have a little accident while on the way to go home. An aristocratic carriage suddenly showed up and tried to hit you,” She slowly explained, now that I look at her, she is beautiful. Her blonde hair is somewhere you only see in manhwa or foreign country. Her eyes is pretty too, rare to see but I guess they exist in this world. Beyond beautiful, she is stunning like a fairy.


          “Luckily, there is priest nearby, he saved you from dying. It’s terrifying to see so much blood, I really don’t know what to do at that time,” She said and I nodded.


          “Then, please tell me where are we?” I asked and she looked at me. “We are in Siodonna,” She said.


          “S-si what?” I stammered. Is not that …


          “D-diana?” I asked out of fear and her eyes glistening. “Yes, your sister is here!” She is beamed while I feel like dumbfounded with the information she gives to me.


Holy crap, this is better not be the reincarnation story that I always read at home.


       “S-ister?” I asked again. The manhwa never told me something about this Nerissa.


Diana brings small mirror and show it in front me. In that mirror, my appearance just like Diana. My eyes widens in shock. “Holy, we’re twins,” I breathed.


“En,” She’s totally agreed and caressed my hair.


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