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You (Nerissa), Claude de alger Obelia, Diana, Lilian York, Felix Robain



► Here's Your Perfect • Jamie Miller


       The past me, who read a novel that called ‘Lovely Princess’ end up dying in my own apartment without given a choice to finish that novel. To be honest, I was frustrated, angry, and sad on how he treated Athanasia after he wake up from his slumber.


       It’s feels like I can hear the threatening voice of his,


       How terrifying it must be, to hear that from your own flesh, Athanasia.


       I end up crying, the whole night just for Athanasia.



       My week began with miserable, with my current depressing state, I was excused for whole week due to stress in order for not burdening others coworkers. Yes, I was that pathetic. Pathetic enough to do something that I swore I would never do it, in this life.


       Drunk myself with alcohol, just to ease the uneasy feelings. I wonder why it’s hurt a lot, like I have met them before.


      “Dear someone, please do not hurt both of them” the words that she muttered in drowsiness, full with sadness.



Little did she know, someone is listening to her last thought and granted her wish.



       “Ne-ri-ssa,” That soft voice is calling for someone. Is someone trespassed into my apartment? I think I locked my door properly before taking the liquor.


       “Ugh,” I groaned in pain when someone was shaking my body. This damn headache slowly irritated me.


       “S-top shaking me,” I muttered while holding my throbbing head, slowly I opened my eyes, the first thing I thought is


This shabby place, is this some prank camera?


Hello! This is my first fanfic from 'Who made me A Princess' manhwa. I originally posted in archive of our own website but the html didn't accept my format and I guess why not release it here. So, here is the story with the original format, but you know, you can also read it on here

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