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another revamp ft.
levi ackerman from 
shingeki no kyojin/ attack
on titan!
welcome to the nerds ♦ graphic shop! here you can find posters (animated or not) and backgrounds for your stories. not looking for one? well, we also provide profile icons, and trailers! if that's what you mean. 
Requests done: 35
001.  midnightnightingale ¦ trailer
002.  sstr001             ¦ TRAILER
002.  radioactive 
003.  shockwave 
001. subscribe in order to be updated on things. you may un-subscribe once you've picked up your requested item. { but it would be really nice if you stay! :'D <--desperate }
002. credit the shop and the designer. preferably with the provided banner.
003. comment after requesting and after you've picked up your requested item. so i know that you have requested and have received the item. 
004. use the requested item for at least 3 weeks. i don't want our work to be wasted, and so was the precious time which we've used into making the requested item.
005. save our work into some kind of device/blog in case we lose it after a revamp or something.
006. notify us if you want to cancel a request. 
007. be friendly to the staff and don't bash if the poster is not to your liking. just simply ask a re-do and we will do it.
008. what's my favorite chocolate? ferrero rocher
009. be patient. we have lives behind our computers too, you know. but if a month has passed, you may rush us.
010. failure to follow these rules may result to immediate actions and you will be noted under the 'naughty list'. if you ever get more than 3 strikes, you will be then moved under the 'black list'. which means that you can never request from this shop ever again. you may prevent this by redeeming yourself and following the rules which you have disobeyed ( pertains to only those who are under the 'naughty list'.)
naughty list
001.  imagination ¦ one strike ¦ rule #4
002.  CARAMEL     ¦ ONE STRIKE ¦ RULE #4



The Nerds ♦ Graphic & Trailer Shop by simulacrum. All rights reserved. (c) I don't own any of the images/videos being used in this shop (unless stated otherwise).

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sugaandtae  on says about chapter 1:
Are you still taking requests?? or are you even open?

Perssona49  on says:
I'm curious. Can we use the graphics on AFF?

Perssona49  on says:
Thank you! My graphic is on my story and I credited you on my forward! Expect to see me around soon!

yingjumeihua  on says:
Hey, I requested for a poster :) Take your time with it, ok?

Perssona49  on says:
I requested a Graphic. :3

sstr001  on says:
I've requested for trailer ^^ thanks beforehand!

sstr001  on says:
hello! do u still accept request for trailer?

Perssona49  on says:
Quick question. is this all free. Don't attack me, imma new member to dis and i don't and dlamvad

MidnightNightingale  on says:
Saw the vid~! I like the song, but can the end be like a new guy looking at her then hides when she catches him staring at her?
Haha. I love it~! I just want the ending to change abit. xD TY

MidnightNightingale  on says:
Requested~! :3

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