Chapter One

by stanleyunique
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The sunlight slowly crept in my bedroom through the open blinds of the window. I laid there in bed relishing in the early morning silence. It was the last few minutes that I would have before my energetic daughter woke up. It was early Friday morning, and she was always just a random burst of energy. She had always been like that from the moment that she had been born, but now that she was three years old—she was even more so.

As if on cue, Jashayla burst into my bedroom. Her short, bob-styled hair lay in a jumbled mass about her head. She had clearly slept rough. I couldn't help but smile at her angelic, innocent appearance. She looked so beautiful in the morning, but then again, I'm sure every mother would think so. She stood there in the doorway and yawned. I smiled when she slowly walked towards me. She slowly climbed into the bed with me. I wrapped the covers around her and kissed her gently on the forehead, allowing my lips to linger there for a moment as I embraced my child.

“Good morning, mommy,” She closed her eyes again, and in a matter of seconds, she was fast asleep.

I shook my head and couldn't help but to smile. Where was her energy this morning? Unbelievable.

I slowly climbed out of bed making sure not to wake her, and walked out of the bedroom. I headed to the kitchen to start breakfast. There was going to be such a long day ahead of me. I had to make sure Jashayla ate, then I had to get her dressed and ready to head over to my mothers' house to drop her off. That's where she stayed while I worked.

Today I had to meet a potential business client and it was highly important that I persuaded him to join with my company. If not, then my boss would be highly upset. He was relying on me, his best employee, to get the job done—and what Mr. Marshall wanted, he got.

I started on breakfast, cooking as fast as I could. I needed to get out of this house as soon as possible in order to get my day started. The client wanted to meet me for a late lunch around two.

While cooking breakfast, my phone rang, and I quickly sprinted to answer it. I didn’t want to wake up Jashayla already. She was tired and I wanted her to sleep.

“Hello,” I calmly spoke into the phone as I resumed cooking over the stove.

“Good morning, beautiful. How are you and baby girl?” I smiled when Anthony’s masculine voice poured into my ears. He sounded so fine at such an early time in the morning. How is that even possible?

“Good morning, Anthony. I’m fine—and Jashayla is fine too. She’s just a little tired. She came into my room and suddenly collapsed on the bed.” I informed him.

“I’d like to think that I had something to do with that.”

I smiled, remembering how last night while Anthony watched her, he stayed up watching ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Bambi’ with her. He was a sweet man and I appreciated him so much for that.

“I know, thank you. She really enjoyed herself.” I walked over to the sink and began to wash the dishes I had dirtied, all the while the grip on the phone was present.

Anthony started talking about our plans for the weekend and how he hoped that I was up for dinner out with him tonight. I agreed to it, and decided that it would be good to do something other than work for awhile. I've missed him so much and with our busy schedules, it was sort of a rare event to be able to just go out like we wanted to.

Anthony was a charming, sweet, loving man who devoted his love and attention to both my daughter and I. He and I had been together for a little over two years, almost three, but he had been my friend even before Jashayla had been born. Anthony was supportive of me and he had even been my shoulder that I cried on when my ex-boyfriend walked out on me, never to be heard from again.

I paused for a second. I had not thought about my ex in so long. I had tried my hardest not to think about him, but it was so hard when his daughter was running around the house every day and night while he was nowhere in sight.

“Baby,” I heard the smooth tone in Anthony's voice.

I shook my head, remembering that Anthony was still on the phone with me. I smiled, and suddenly, all thoughts about my ex were out of the window.

“Yes, I’m here, sorry. I’m cooking breakfast, and I lost track of the conversation. Anthony, I really have to get going. Are you coming over for breakfast?” I hoped that he would. I had to see him in order to officially get my day started. Without him holding me, being close to me, I'd feel so lost.

“Of course—I love your cooking.” I smiled and we said our good-byes. I placed the phone on its hook and turned the stove off.

I decided to hurry and wash up before Anthony arrived. I needed to look my best—Anthony never needed to see my early morning look. It was a mess.

My semi-curly hair was a mess about my head, and I was wearing a huge oversized t-shirt. Yes, I needed to do something about this before he arrived.

I literally ran into my room and jumped in the shower. In twenty minutes I was out and fully dressed in a white tank top and some dark blue skinny jeans. I combed my hair and pulled it back into a thick, curly pony-tail. I put on some lotion and a little perfume, and went back into the kitchen.

I grabbed some plates and began fixing breakfast for three individuals. I placed them on the table and pulled out a carton of orange juice, pouring its contents into separate cups.

After doing so, I headed back to my bedroom to awaken the sleeping beauty. Hopefully, she wouldn't be cranky for disturbing her rest.

“Jashayla, get up sweetie. Breakfast is ready, and Anthony is on his way over here.” I whispered near her ears.

She woke up slowly and yawned. She was tired, but she was more so hungry.

She walked over to me and I picked her up. I spoiled her and I knew this. She was literally all I had and she meant the world to me. There was no way I'd ever let her go.

I grabbed a brush and brushed her hair until it smoothed out. She laid her head on my shoulder and I walked into the living room just as a knock was heard on my door. I smiled when I saw that it was Anthony.

“Anthony!” Jashayla jumped up suddenly and reached for him. He scooped her out of my arms and kissed her on her forehead.

I smiled. They looked so cute together.

“How’s my little angel?” Jashayla smiled at him and laid her head on his chest. She loved being close to him. To her, he was her dad, and that scared me. As much as Anthony was a good father, she needed her real dad. But, the odds of that happening was slim to none. My ex had no idea about her…in fact, when he left, I had just found out that I was pregnant.

“Breakfast is ready you guys. Let’s eat.”


“Kimberly, breakfast was amazing.” Anthony smiled at me and pulled Jashayla, who was covered in syrup, into his lap.

He bounced her and smiled even harder when she giggled.

“I try my best,” I washed the dishes and put them away quickly.

Anthony grabbed a wet paper towel and wiped off Jashayla’s hands and face. He then let her go and she ran into the living room. She turned on the TV and her cartoons came on. She was preoccupied at the moment.

“Come here,” He opened his arms and smiled at me, “I haven’t kissed you in what seems like forever.”

I looked at him and slowly walked into his outstretched arms. A smile touched my lips and I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Every time he touched me I felt a surge of heat run through my body. He placed a kiss on my forehead and his lips went lower and lower until they came to my mouth.

Our lips touched—and the kiss was sweet and tender. It wasn’t quick, but it didn’t last long either. I was the first to break the kiss and looked up at him. I didn't want to, but if I continued kissing him, we'd be standing in this kitchen forever with out lips locked together.

“Not right now, Anthony—I have so much to prepare for.” I told him, attempting to catch my breath.

“What’s on your agenda for today?” He calmly added as his thumbs moved against my cheeks sending chills throughout my body.

“I have to meet with a potential client, today. Mr. Marshall is counting on me to sign him on.”

“Well, you are the best the company has to offer. I’m sure the client will sign over in no time.”

“Thank you,” I wiped the table off with the wet washcloth and washed my hands. I needed to get ready. It was almost noon and the client e-mailed me about a certain time and I didn’t want to miss it by getting ready late. This was very important to me right now—and I needed the potential raise that I would get with signing this client on.

“You want me to watch Jashayla while you get ready?”

“Would you? You’re the greatest!” I wrapped my arms around his neck and placed a short kiss on his lips. He chuckled at my behavior and I walked towards my bedroom to get myself ready for my hectic day ahead of me.


The plane came to a sudden halt. The flight attendant stared directly at me and smiled. She turned back to everyone else.

“The flight has made a complete stop, everyone, in an orderly fashion may now leave the plane. Thank you for flying.”

She turned her gaze back to me and for a second, I felt that she was undressing me with her eyes. Her eyes lowered towards my chest and back to my face. I smiled at her and I could see that she melted. I had a great way of doing that to women.

I grabbed my bag from the seat beside me and stood up, following the crowd off of the plane.

The flight had lasted more than enough time and I was exhausted. I was glad to finally be back on land. Travelling by air was not my strong suit—but it was quicker than driving.

I stepped off the plane and looked around.


Here I was, back to where I had grew up. I felt the sudden familiar sense of this place. Florida was the state I had lived in for more than half of my life. I made good friends here, went to high school here, and fell in love here. And here I was—back from California.

I had not been back home in four years. I had left to pursue my modeling career—and, although it was a great opportunity—I had made the biggest mistake of my life by not going there with the love of my life, Kimberly Rhodes.

Kimberly had been the only woman I could ever see myself being with and we had strong chemistry. She was the love of my life, and future wife, but I messed up when I left her without warning when the California modeling agency, Black, had called me. I didn’t hesitate to book a flight there and start my career.

I had always wanted to have my name in lights—to have every woman on this earth to lust over me and fall for my charm. I wanted to make a name for myself—and I did. I was one of the hottest male models around. Everywhere I went, women adored me, and men envied my masculine charm and the way the women screamed my name.

Jason Morrison.

As much as I had been in love with Kimberly, I had to leave. I had to pursue my dreams, and I regretted leaving her without a trace of where I was going, and what I was doing. I remember that night—I had kissed her sweetly on her forehead, packed my things, and was gone in a matter of hours, never to return…until now.

I was back, and although I knew she would want nothing to do with me because of my sudden absence—I had to speak with her. I still wanted her in my life. I wanted to know how she had been and what she was up to. I would not blame her if she hated me. She had every right to. But, I would right that wrong of me leaving suddenly. She deserved an explanation and I would give her one.

In the airport, I followed the crowd. I needed to get my things and get out of there before some random females noticed who I was.

When I got to the luggage claim, I quickly grabbed my large red suitcase and sped out of there.

I didn’t need to bring everything from California with me. I just brought a few things, and if there was something else that I needed, I would go out and buy it. I already had a place back here lined up for me.

It was just another summer, and this time, I decided to vacation back home. My mom would be shocked and surprised to see me back here. I hadn’t even flown here to see her—so I knew that she would call the whole family for a family get-together at the house. There were a few things I was here for—and working was a major part of that.

My agency had lined me up with some connections at another—but I had no idea why when that company had nothing to do with modeling. They were all business. I guess my agent thought that I could use a little guidance while I was here.

I stepped outside into the blazing summer heat. Florida had not changed a bit over the years. The country side still looked the same. I looked around and noticed that my arranged limousine driver had not yet arrived. I was very impatient, and I quickly pulled out my phone and sent him a text letting him know I had arrived.

Suddenly, a group of women walked out of the airport and, although I tried my best to act normal, one screamed out my name at the top of her lungs causing attention.

“Oh my gosh, you guys! It’s Jason Morrison, the model!”

I turned and smiled at them as they all ran over to me. Each woman looked to be in their mid-twenties. They were all gorgeous and wearing revealing clothes.

“Jason, you are the finest man on God’s green earth!” The woman who was the first to notice me screeched.

I looked at her and winked. She looked excited and pulled out her cell phone to take pictures. She handed it to one of her friends and stood beside me. I placed my arm around her waist and smiled for a few pictures with her.

“Oh, me too, please!” Another screamed.

She pulled her camera out of her purse and wrapped her arms around my neck. I wrapped mine around her waist and placed a kiss on her cheek. After a few snaps of the camera, she screamed and looked through the camera grinning a hard toothy grin while doing so.

After a few more pictures with each of them, and a few stolen cheek kisses, the women ran off excitedly screaming. I shook my head and turned around just as the limo driver pulled up in front of me.

The short, stocky man jumped out of his car and quickly ran and opened my door.

“Sorry I’m late, sir. Traffic was really rough, and this is the airport.” He sounded winded.

I waved his apology off.

“No problem. I just landed anyway.”

He smiled and grabbed my bags.

“Are you heading home, or somewhere else?” He asked, opening my door.

“Somewhere else. I will give you the directions as we go along.”

He nodded and I got in the car.

Moments later he closed it and we were both heading out of the airport.


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PyaariSammu  on says about chapter 3:
This was so wonderfuly portrayed and it's only the third chapter but I'm in love XD

silvermist  on says:
Love this already ;) it's very well written o/ Can't wait for moreeee

Winterflowr  on says about chapter 3:
Oh my gosh I want to murder this guy. How can he just waltz back in so smoothly? It's been 3 years--they are no longer close and he has no right to touch her or just take the seat without asking!! Jason's an idiot--Kimberly, please don't take him back T_T

On the other hand...Anthony is such a sweetheart! At the moment, I'm kinda hoping that he will be the one, but we never know down the line!

Wonder how Jason will take it when he finds out he's got a daughter...probably wants custody and crap and I hope he doesn't get it because he doesn't deserve it!

chubbyturtle  on says about chapter 2:
I'm loving it already. It's like I'm reading a novel :D

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Very well written, indeed.
I am very enticed by your story's plot.
I crave for well written romance.
On Asianfanfics, these types of stories, the golden ones,
are literally impossible to find. Congratulations on getting featured!

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Congrats on getting featured! <3


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I seriously crave for more story now...
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you know how i am with the messed up plots lol <3
forever love :3

mikkijoyce  on says about chapter 1:
Ahh, I was distracted but I managed to read everything! x3
I would be screaming if that place he's going to is the company and she's going to be her potential client xDD But that really depends on their businesses.. Anyway, this is good so far! :3

SKID_11  on says about chapter 1:
Oh, le fan girls. XD Welp, at least they didn't try and ____ him or something, LOL.
Hmm~ 'somewhere else'? I wonder where he's going! :O
Until next time, I suppose. x) I can't wait for when the next chapter comes out! Best of luck, Unique! <333

SKID_11  on says about chapter 1:

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