Him and Her

by sleepwalker
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She doesn't know it, but she is broken, shattered into pieces like the millions of glass shards lying on her bathroom floor. She doesn't know it, but she is damaged. Defective, like the old record player that sits atop her bookshelf, playing the same sound over and over again when it was turned on. He was gone.

He's gone. He's gone. He. Is. Gone. Her whole world is crumbling around her, but she remains motionless, letting the sharp edges of her mistakes lacerate her skin. Pain is nothing. Blood is pure. (after all, her friends had always told her that red looked good on her.) She deserves pain, anyways.


He is a lost puppy. Chewed off his leash, only to find himself surrounded by harsh lights and the nauseating scent of cheap perfume and grating noises just everything so unfamiliar he wishes he could be back home because "home is where the heart is" and he just...

He can't. It's too late to turn back.


Adding a mess to another mess does not make it clean. Two wrongs do not make a right.



She waits every day, unaware that he's not coming back. She grows more lifeless with every passing day. Never bothers to fix the mirror, nor the record player.

Soft footsteps on the roof. She looks downwards, at the deserted street, at the concrete sidewalk three stories beneath her. She frowns. It is a bit too dull for her liking. It needs some color. Slowly inching towards the edge of the building, she glances down one last time, as if hoping for a miracle. Nothing. She jumps.


She lies pitifully on the cold ground, the life slowly slipping away from her frail body. She suffers some horrific injuries from her three-story fall, leaving her broken and battered, crimson forming in a pool next to her. But then she realizes, she had been broken all along. Since the day he left her, she was never whole. It mattered no longer. Whether physically or emotionally, April Sun was broken.



If only she had waited a little longer, she would have seen him walking down the sidewalk, willing to return and help her pick up the pieces.




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sophomoric  on says about chapter 1:
This is a great drabble though I don't exactly appreciate the message that it sends. It isn't the end of the world when someone you love leaves. And if it is, there should be reasons why. I know this is a drabble but, you should've included that too.

Also, the ending is too abrupt. The last line is supposes to be a plot twist of sorts, but it takes away the flow of the story. There was no foreshadowing. Or maybe it's me, I don't know.

But your diction is amazing. The imagery is vivid.

PyaariSammu  on says about chapter 1:
This was beautiful, the characterization was all so spot on and I was blown away, wonderful!

SugarBaby17  on says about chapter 1:
This story was super well written. It held so many emotions in just the little words you had written.
Good, good. xDD

CheqBeah96  on says:
Don't know any other word to say than it's indeed a great story!

nylr_bae  on says about chapter 1:
This is so cute..
It reminds me of twilight. .

epicfate  on says about chapter 1:
this is really good please make it longer^^

yingjumeihua  on says about chapter 1:
This was really nice (slightly intense and a little bit depressing but it was still good). Could you add another chapter or something?

Aoi_Magnolia  on says about chapter 1:
Whoa...that was intense. I loved it though. You really have a way of ripping me to pieces XD I swear, you're just plain awesome. Don't ever stop writing!

Pandas  on says about chapter 1:
I love how you described her blood here.
The words, "It is a bit too dull for her liking. It needs some color" were horrific.
But you just killed me with the ending. She should have waited just a little! O.O

This is a great story!

peetabread  on says about chapter 1:
Woah, I like your writing! You have a way with words. This was beautiful.

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