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by nightlife6081
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There was a time when she chose to hope and dream.  Now though, hoping and dreaming were the only things keeping her sane.


This takes place in an apocalypse which is kind of cliche but it wouldn't leave my head until I wrote it.  No names are used in it either.

And thanks to Midnight Perfections Review Shop for reviewing this~

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AmericaxBurgers  on says about chapter 1:
This story was awesome! :D
I agree with Pandas, this made me ask questions like how everyone ended up dead, her cause of death, how the world ended and stuff.

Pandas  on says about chapter 1:
This was done well!
The plot about the end of the world is something I don't read often.
It also makes me ask questions: Why is she the only one alive? How did the other's die? What did she die of? (Hunger or dehydration, I suppose?) But everything was placed well!
Great job!

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