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The Doctor, his Companions, the Stars and his Stories,,,


"We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one. eh?"

The Doctor was born, and the Doctor will die. Or will be, and then has. Depends on your time stream, really. But regardless, the Doctor is full of stories, and songs and silly little things that every now and then must be written down, so they are not forgotten. The Doctor, your Doctor, my Doctor, has links and pathways to every planet and solar system in the universe. His adventures are written in the stars, but now its time for them to be engraved into our hearts. Don't let this Doctor die. No, you never let the Doctor die.


*Cough cough* In case you do not understand my ramblings andrumblings, this is just a place for me to put all my little Doctor Who short stories, poems, songs etc. Feel free to read my little mumblings and enjoy them. I apologize in advance if they don't really make any sense because being a companion can wreck havoc on your sleeping patterns! 


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