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by ilove_xo
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you and your layouts






shop info;

author; ilove_xo

co-author; none

type; layout shop

layout #; layout 0.1 ft. food

no. requests; none




layout by me @ aff


precious rules;

{ one } please do subsribe and upvote!

{ two } no bashing

{ three } no rushing, i'm only one

{ four } comment below if using a layout

{ five } credit nicely.

{ six } give me hd photos

{ seven } i don't do horror or angst

{ eight } do NOT unsubscribe

{ nine } comment if you have your layout.

{ ten } have fun and visit this shop anytime












username // here

profile link // here

story name // here

story link // here

designer // here

short description // here

anything else // here




{ one } the dark night // grey_storm

{ two } here

{ three } here

{ four } here

{ five } here

other shops;

{ one } demigod's advertisment shop

{ two } here

{ three } here

{ four } here

{ five } here

layout by me @ aff

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lightninthunderstein  on says:
username // lightninthunderstein
profile link //http://www.fanficoverflow.com/profile/view/5163
story name // There's Something about Cameron
story link // http://www.fanficoverflow.com/story/view/2198/there-s-something-about-cameron-romance-mystery-boyxboy-bands-octw
designer // you
short description // boys love. nerd boy falls in love with a mysterious cool type boy, who has a secret. They get together then fall apart because of a cold/mean type of guy.
anything else // It's like a romance mystery. You can put whatever pictures you think would be nice^^
Thanks in advance and tyt

-serendipitous-  on says:
username // -serendipitous-
profile link // http://www.fanficoverflow.com/profile/view/3966
story name // serendipitous reviews
story link // in draft status
designer // you
short description // it's a review shop, and the colors are like lavender and pink.
anything else // not really, but the colors are like this;
thank you in advance!

misslavender01  on says:
username: misslavender01
profile link : http://www.fanficoverflow.com/profile/view/3293
story name: Lavender Garden Graphic and Trailer Shop
story link : currently in a draft status ^^
designer: you? ^^
short description: it's a shop but can you make it more fantasy-like? >_< i'm asking too much
others :


errr...idk if I just gave you too much pics..but feel free either to use or to delete them..and could you make the layout's color kinda lavender or violet etc? ^^ thank you so much~~

amoreena  on says:
Hello! I came here to ask if you can make a layout similar to this this: http://i.imgur.com/PO2M8Cj.jpg
If you can, please add a space for shop info on the right side.
If you can't, please tell me. (=

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