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by jj_maple
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Me, Myself and I


If you need a description, you obviously haven't read the title. READ THE TITLE. Much appreciated :)


Although this is unrelated, I just wanted everyone to know that I haven't been on FFO for quite a while and I actually didn't know that the story was featured

Yes, go ahead, laugh, cry, rage.

Personally, I want to thank everyone who read the story, upvoted, subscribed, commented, hated and all the rest. Thank you all for your support and sorry that I haven't said anything earlier.

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jj_maple [A]  on says about chapter 1:
Thanks guys <3
You are all the bomb

Jennakeys  on says about chapter 1:
Yes!! I finally know how to make a sandwich the correct way, thanks XD

Iefa_San  on says about chapter 1:
LOL LOL... at a second, I thought this is real and was going to try it.. XD Congrats for being featured!

sakura  on says:
Congrats on getting featured
+ this is so funny and random

ByungKitty  on says:
you're* wtf auto correct

ByungKitty  on says:
yay, you featured! finally :3

kpoplover_suah  on says about chapter 1:
Lol this is hillarious! XD

DiamondPop  on says:
True that :)

strangers  on says about chapter 1:
Because there's no easier way to make a sandwich :'D

EnterMyMind  on says about chapter 1:
hahhaha this is hilarious awsome work! XD

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