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Doctor, Addie Mcdonald


The Tardis roared, soon stopping somewhere in an alley. The Doctor’s head peeped out, looking around before he walked outside.

It was simply a small alley, filled with papers of all sorts rustling in the wind. The sun was still up, the Doctor licked his finger and poked it in the hair. “Evening, around 7 or 8.” He muttered to himself, continuing to observe around.

“Well! Clara Oswin Oswa—” he spun towards the Tardis door, only noticing that his companion wasn’t there. He nodded in realization, and with a sad smile on his face, he looked at his Tardis, "That’s right. They all leave in the end.” He smiled, patting the blue police box. “At least I’ve got you, right girl?”

His ship roared, as though it was speaking to him.

His eyes turned towards the city as he sighed.

This was who he was destined to be. Alone. Of course, by now he should have been used to it. He’s over a thousand years old, with companions coming and going, so what was he to expect?

He closed the door of the Tardis and walked away, ready to simply enjoy another part of time.  Only, the multiple papers caught his eyes. “Missing?” he asked, staring one of them with a picture of a young man on it. “Last seen on June 12, 1955” he soon looked at the other papers, all in whom had “Missing” big and bolded.

“Oh no.” he said. “This is not good.” He turned around, soon running out of the alley, only to see buildings covered with missing notes, business closed.


No foreword posted.

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sociopathsfunction  on says about chapter 3:
OMG THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME. Addie's whole life is a lie and she doesn't even know it! The Doctor is once again taken by the Weeping Angels. Funny thing, since he's a time traveler they can infinite feed off him. Haven't they had enough for a lifetime. They're just like that monster on that Rings of Ahketan episode (sorta).

Ktikat1991  on says about chapter 3:

sociopathsfunction  on says about chapter 2:
As usual, you are amazing. I absolutely loved the details and the reference to the previous doctors. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a decorative vegetable. Just sayin'.
I feel sorry for Addie though, out of all the enemies of the Doctor she had to face, it just had to be the only group of ruthless statued "psychopaths in the universe that kill you nicely."
and as per usual, update soon!

Ktikat1991  on says about chapter 2:
I was reading it, and Matt's voice pops into my head, just like that! I can totally see this as a Doctor Who episode.

Ktikat1991  on says about chapter 1:
Lunafly...seriously, like the name of the band? Lol. Can't wait!

Ktikat1991  on says:
Ooh! I wanna see how this goes! XD Of course, the Doctor and his quirky ways.

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