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☰ #HASHTAG。— ❛ layout shop ; open! ; zoom to 110% when viewing ❜

by rovixx updated on
Tags: apply layouts story roleplay profile
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Taylor & Keila

by CrystalIce updated on
Tags: story
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This was originally extracted from the notes about a fake world that me and my best friend wrote to each other, and her character is 'Keila Sprinkly Sweets' (I know, she came up with it) while mi... Read More

Lock It Safely

by superhero updated on
Tags: drabbles angst sliceoflife random story shortstories
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Another Cinderella Story

by QUEENZ updated on
Tags: story cinderella

Character:  > Yui ~ cute, beautiful, kind ~she have a cruel stepmother with two stepsister > Kyo ~handsome, rich, ego, like to bullying his scho... Read More

// CHROME - layouts shop (OPEN)

by Pandaa updated on
Tags: shop storylayouts layouts layout story layoutshop
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by soojung updated on
Tags: storylayouts profilelayouts layouts story layoutshop
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My Life Diary

by Shiny125 updated on
Tags: reallife story
Chapters: 1 | Views: 800 |

I'm just an ordinary girl who got transferred to United States for a better education but who knows that my life is becoming worse day by day without me knowing it...... Read More

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