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Sean | Ben (Harve)| Girls....




Power and money, those two are two things that can change people's lives. For one, they can let people get possessed by the filth of greed. They can involve people who have positive morals into monsters who doesn't give a damn about other people. There was this one man who have both of them yet to keep a positive mind, Mr. O'Pry. This man was the smartest man who used $1,000 loan that the bank gave him and transformed that to a billion dollar business. Within a decade, he owns properties, brands, buildings, anything that you can think of, he has at least one of them. Even though the man makes about $100,000 in an hour, he still doesn't spoil his sons, Sean and Benjamin. On the day of their 17th birthday, Mr. O'Pry gave the two the ultimate present, letting them leave the money and power and live on their own. Mr. O'Pry gave his sons a place to stay along with limited money and a car to share, he was determined to teach his kids the meaning of 'Nothing is free'. How the two boys do is their own choice, all he can do now is watch.





Sean O'Pry

  • He is the oldest son of the O'Pry family. Charming, smart, he got it all. The guy is quite close minded and very self centered. Sean had only one relationship in his whole 18 years of age. It only lasted exactly 2 month since the day of the anniversary was the day when his past girlfriend Alyssa broke up with him. After that break up, he focused on his studies and worked for his father as one of the assistant, the boy excelled. The lack of emotion made him suceed in business. Even though his a big boy, his heart is fragile. Maybe that's the reason why he doesn't show his true self to people.
  • When Sean heard about the move, he didn't show any emotions. The boy went with it, letting his father do whatever he pleased since Sean respected him. People might ask him what did he think of his mother, that's one subject he might never disguess. That's something the whole family doesn't disguess since every one of them had different opinion on it. For Sean, he didn't know his mother. All he know was that his mother left the country and cheated on his father and cheated on the whole family.







Benjamin Harve O'Pry

  • His real name is Benjamin O'Pry, but he hates that name. It sounds way too formal and way to seriously. He goes by the name Harve, of course, it's his middle name. This boy counts in the partier category. Flower boy with a very unique taste. He loves women who is hard to get and older, more mature. Totally opposite to his bigger brother, Harve's feeling doesn't get destroyed that easy. He can give a two crap about women since he was a guy who digged one night stand.
  • As his perspective towards his mother, Harve was much closer to her than Sean. When they were younger, Sean always tagged with their father while Harve is left at hom staying with the mom. He always thought that his dad drove his mom away from the O'Pry family. From the day the two parents got separated, he had this hatred towards his father. As for his feelings towards this move, he hated it. No more brand cloth, no more glamourous women. It'll be some experience for Benjamin Harve O'Pry alright.






Levy Tran

  • For the 28 years old Levy, her looks and body is something that makes her the cash. Working as a model earns her fame and money. It wasn't enough though. The girl wanted more than just money. She was kicked out by her strict Asian parents the day that she got her first tattoo. Obviously, this girl didn't give two damn about what her parents thought or anyone else thought about her, she does whatever and whenever she want.
  • After graduating a community college, the girl moved to a small area in Florida and started her modeling job for all these fashion brands or maybe some bikini or lingerie modeling. While she's working,  fate is letting her meet one of the boys. The chemistry between them will be complicated when age and law come between them.

















*other characters will be added once the story plot start to develop*





This story will contain adult language and sexual intercourse. When that do happen, please look for (M) sigh before reading. Thank you. For the most of the story, there will not be any mature things.












Leather couch, black fur material bed, everything in this room looks elegant and expensive. It was already 5 minutes to 10 but in this room, everything is still as dark as the night before. Sean let the blanket cover half of his body while letting his naked torso being exposed to the air. His legs were spread on this king sized bed, his arm was above his forehead covering his eyes. While in the other room lies a similar age male expect for how his dirty blonde hair shines so much brighter in the dark surrounding. Ben Harve O’Pry was always a ladies man; even now he is lying in his pure white bed with a skinny blonde girl in his embrace while spooning against her.


When the clock strikes 10 o’clock, two servants dressed in formal black suits walked into the two boy’s rooms, pressing the air horn like there’s no tomorrow making Sean fall off of his bed and startling the blonde couples, making them trip over each other’s bodies. Sean got up swiftly, brushing his brown hair back and rubbed his temple. “What is this.... about?” His deep husky voice was soft and calm, just how a real man treats a problem. “Mr. O’Pry wants you two down stairs now.” The two servants said in unison even though the two wasn’t in the same room. Harve got up and grabbed his sweats, jumping off of the bed to follow the servant. “Wait, are you going to leave me here?” The blonde girl asked while covering herself with the white blanket. Harve turned around and showed a gorgeous smile. “Oh, I forgot.” The boy walked back to bed and grabbed his glasses. “Someone well show you out.” Harve showed his white pearl like teeth for the girl and heads down stairs, not really caring how angry the girl was.


Sean followed the servant into the library while putting on his black v-neck, when the servant opened the door, all he sees was his wise father. “Dad, what was the meaning of all this?” Sean asked, watching his younger brother walk in and join them.


 “Morning.” Harve’s smile was just as bright as the morning sunrise. The loud morning call didn’t seem to bother him at all. “What’s up guys?” When the younger boy spots his dad’s serious expression, the smile disappeared. Mr. O’Pry called in two servants while the boys whisper among themselves. “Looks like he didn’t forget what today is.” Harve’s inside voice traveled into Sean’s ears, earning a nod from the older brother. The two of them watched the two servants bringing in two wrapped boxes.


Mr. O’Pry smiled; this mid-aged man was still just as gorgeous as his boys, “happy birthday.” Telling his boys that on their birthday makes him feel happy as a father, but what he is really excited was for them to open up their present. Both Sean and Harve unwrapped the box and only to find a key placed in the empty box. “W-what’s this?” Sean picked up the silver key with his long and slim finger, studying the key to find any significance within it. Harve on the other hand was just as exuberant as he can be, he thought it was the key to the beach house they looked at in Miami. “You guys are old enough. It’s time for you two to experience the real world on your own.” Mr. O’Pry brought his glasses down from his eyes, wiping them clean with the fabric on the side. “I’m sending you two off to live on your own, attend a public school and work a normal job. There will be no contact between you two and me when it comes to complaining or money issues. This is the key to your new house down in Florida; you two should enjoy this experience. Have fun.” Mr. O’Pry got up from his leather chair and walked over to his two 17 years old sons and placed his hands on their shoulders, “happy birthday, my boys.”




 {Author's Notes}  First story in FFO. Hope you'll like it. I actually wrote this story before any other fanfics. Enjoy. I love comments, i love subscribers. I love you guys. Read it and give me some pointers. Thanks. ;Domino.

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stanleyunique  on says:

-clears throat-
This story seems interesting. The characters involved and their situation. Being put out of the house at SEVENTEEN!? WHAT?! I would be so daggone scared, then I'd be like 'HECK YEAH!' haha. No parents, heck yeah!! haha

This story seems interesting and I can't wait to see what happens.

Two fine brothers, twins?! or no?! fine. yes. uhm.

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