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Someone wanted to get rid of Satoshi once and for all. Frame him, take his family away, betrayal? All part of the plan. Just after losing to Takuto at the Sinnoh League, he is able to escape and disappears for 3 years, looking for an escape. Then there comes the Legends League in New Island where the best of the best trainers compete. What happens when he returns? He's with who? Why is the Rocket Gang and these strange looking people with him? Just what happened after so long?
Crossover concepts of Pokémon and Dangan Ronpa.
Main Pairing: NegaiShipping
Side Pairings: One-sided ArmourShipping but mainly KalosShipping, SommelierShipping, FlarebusterShipping, ClumseonShipping, IkariShipping, ContestShipping, EgoShipping
Note: All Japanese names of characters and Pokémon will be used!! Only some concepts and attacks will be from the English dub!!


This is an experimental fanfic so criticism is allowed! But please, don't be too harsh!!

A/N: I know in FF, there's the typical Ash betrayal fanfics to be found as I am one to read many of these fanfics. However, I thought of making my own version of this type of fanfic that will at least have some form of deconstruction of these types of fanfics. Also, this story is very unpolished as I write as I go along and not check much in content until I go back to read the chapter. As said, this is an experimental fanfic as I try to stray away from my usual writing style and add a variety of genre instead of making it too linear. With that, I hope you enjoy this fanfic, and each chapter that has an introduction to a charcter, Pokémon, or object that's in Japanese, I'll be more than willing to translate.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon as the owner of the series is Ken Sugimori. Any idea of Dangan Ronpa belong to Spike ChurnSoft.

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