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by BlueViolets
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Witnessing her own son commit the most hideous act of all before her, June questions herself, has she always really known her own child? Had she not been the best mother, providing her child with the best she could? Or was he no more than a stranger to her?

writer's note:

Originally posted on asianfanfics.com featuring Girl's Generation's Jessica. 


When did he grow so tall? Did he always dress in black from top to toe? What is that band that he has their name scrawled in pen ink on the back of his hand?

Who is this man standing before me? Do I know this man?

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Beauty  on says:
So saaaaaad

iuseifunny  on says about chapter 1:
This is so sad, I love the way you had chosen to write this- It portrays everyone's emotions well. Great job, author-nim!

UnicornsAreRealBetch  on says:
Oh gosh~ First time I got teary eyed in a story.

byzelo  on says about chapter 1:
This is so heartbreaking to read. I was like that. I guess, maybe because I noticed my parents never really gave up on me, so I changed. I'm definitely not the best, but I was better. You portray the scenes and feelings really well, plus I understood Xavier's feelings, it just makes it all more emotional.

platitudinous  on says:
Wow. I know the feel to have a sibling with 12 years gap. I have two more in between but oh well..
by the way, I like how you portray the scenes and feelings. It's heart-rending and simply cool.

saengsa  on says about chapter 1:
Your writing style, the story and the ending are just amazing! :)

sword2scabbard  on says about chapter 1:
Very nice and simple to read Blue :)
The one-shot's plot and moral behind the story is very touching and makes me reflect upon my own personal family issues.
Keep up the good work!


LoLi15  on says:
*speechless* =x
Applause..... Its really such a sad end. Strangers in the end..!

simulacrum  on says about chapter 1:
omfg. I love your writing, this is absolutely well-written ;A; <3 *subscribes*

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