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Kevin Sterling - Riley - Michael Foster - Zack Ramirez


In this world , peace seemed to be something nearly impossible to achieve . The endless wars and conflicts waged between sides that couldn't co-operate , lead to the start of endless chains of misery and sufferings . If someone were to put a stop to all that , he would surely be considered a true hero ... someone people from the upcoming generations will look up to and praise to no end . 

Never in a million years will it hit him , " Okay , I'm gonna go and save the world from misery ." .... he never bothered to notice the pain people are facing somewhere in the world . He was too busy living a life a teenager would live . He had everything he wanted and needed . Family , friends , shelter , education .... while somewhere out there things are completely opposite . Kevin Sterling is his name . The much adored guy and famous guy in school . The teenager is completely oblivious of the fact that his life will soon change forever .


Peace , some see it as a foolish illusion , while some see it as a light that's getting brighter ... one day , they believe , true peace will soon be a reality . 


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