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[O.C's] Seirin, Kaijō, Shūtoku, Tōō, Yōsen, Rakuzan - Others: Nijimura, Mayuzumi, Haizaki, Hanamiya & Alexandra.


Was it really guessing when you were 100% sure?

Everyone knew the Generation of Miracles where in a league of their own, but just how did they get there? What was the secrets behind their moves?

In a world where a match wasn't just a game, where high schooler's battled it out with everything they had, nobody could afford to have their tricks revealed - Especially those dominating the leader boards. What happens when the people closest to them dare to make the technical knowledge of their moves open to the public?

What happens when Teikō's female first string start to take part in competitions after a six month hiatus and threaten to reveal the secrets of their male counterparts after too many years of being over shone?

Cue teen meglomania, childish tantrums, hormonal breakdowns, confession rejections, mind games, fist fights and mental breaks.




Keep Me Quiet
I told ya I was crazy

Theme Song
Desperate Measures - Marianas Trench
Do It Like A Dude - Jessie J

Kuroko No Basket [The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays]

Seirin, Kaijō, Shūtoku, Tōō, Yōsen, Rakuzan
Nijimura, Mayuzumi, Haizaki, Hanamiya & Alexandra.
Kuroko Kaminari, Shibata Rin, Saito Usagi, Narita Kohaku, Akita Haruka

Sports, Comedy, Relationships, Strategy, Occasional Romance

Start Date
16th November 2012

End Date

Swearing, Sexual Imnplications, Occasional Violence, Sexual Scenes [Accompanied by a chapter warning], Manga Spoilers [Accompanied by a chapter warning].








Kuroko Kaminari
3rd Year, Seirin high
Power and Control  - Marina and the Diamonds
"That kind of half-ass offense won't work on me. On the court or in the street, nobody can beat me. Don't take me at the face value of only checking out hot guys. Try not to lose your mind thinking I have a some kind of equal, maggot. Our Miracle's have the name but we have the will. We still do - Nothing can beat this hunger. On the court, there's no such thing as gender; just try and take us and you'll be sure to lose."

Shibata Rin
1st Year, Seirin High
Lollipop Slut - Myah Marie
"Don't fuckin' underestimate me, you bunch of freaking half-wits. Sure, out Miracles are something else, but don't go thinking the rest of us were push-overs just because we're not the male first-string. They may be skilled but we play harder than those little bitches. Unlike the guy's, we've never lost a match."


Saito Usagi
1st Year, Kirisaki Daīchi High
Resist - Simon Curtis
"I'd appreciate it if you'd stop looking at me like that. Please go easy on me; I hate it when guys stare at me. Is it my flat chest? Do I really look like a boy? I'm like a child, right? Kidding~ Oh, I forgot to mention - You lost the ball."


Narita Kohaku
2nd Year, Tōō Academy
Crazy Possessive - Kaci Battaglia
"Do you think we made the first string by looks alone? Don't make me laugh. Three pointers? If there was an opportunity to make fives, I'd still never miss, fungus."

Akita Haruka
1st Year, Kaijō High
The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
"Don't mock me, you freaking pumped up toad. Look at my boobs - look at them. Hah, you fell for it! You're all the same; Idiots. Grow a pair and then try to take me on."


Kuroko Tetsuya
1st Year, Seirin High
Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine
"I never worried about facing my old teammates. I know how they play and I know their personalities. What everybody forgets is how scary our female team is. Not only is there a giant wall that sees past the fakes, a human Sonic with unreal speed, a ridiculous Shooting Guard that can make shots like Aomine, an intrepidus Power Forward that would take on even our first string with a smile on her face and sneaky Small Forward with a split personality. They also had Aneue - who you know to be out of her mind. More than my old team, the girl's scare me. They play too rough."


Kagami Taiga
1st Year, Seirin High
Pompeii - Bestille
"Beat me? Woman, that's the best joke I've heard all year. Whoever loses can pay for these 100 burgers! Kuawahaha~ I will win this!"


Kiyoshi Teppei
2nd Year, Seirin High
Rumble And Sway (Imagine Dragons Remix) - Jamie N Commons
"No matter what I've been through, I still love basketball. The people around me remind me of it every day. No matter what it takes, I'll take my team to the top. We'll defeat the Generation of Miracles. I believe whole-heartedly that we can."


Hyūga Junpei
2nd Year, Seirin High
Run This Town - Rihanna Feat Jay-Z & E.S. Posthumus  
"Damn Teikō and their weido players. They keep popping up like freaking weeds. What's wrong with that school?"


Izuki Shun
2nd Year, Seirin High
Killin' It - Krewella
Pop Culture- Icon For Hire
"P-porn? Nope, there is no pun coming to mind. S-shut up! I do not have a hard-on!"


Kasamatsu Yukio
3nd Year, Kaijō High
Me and the Devil - Soap & Skin
"Thanks to the Generation of Miracles, most people ignored Teikō's female team. They really shouldn't have; That school was like a magnet for skill. The same six girls took part in every game regardless of injuries or fatigue and still won every game by a ridiculous margin...I'd kinda like to date a girl like that..."


Kise Ryōta
1st Year, Kaijō High
Watch Me - Icon For Hire
"Does my butt really look that flat in basketball shorts? That means I have to wear skinny jeans all the time outside of games."


Midorima Shintarō
1st Year, Shūtoku High
Truth or Dear - Mariana's Trench
"Anyone who doesn't read or listen to their star signs isn't worth my time."


Takao Kazunari
1st Year, Shūtoku High
Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
"Orange and white panties....It's like you're secretly cheering for Shūtoku. It's not like I mind, though."


Imayoshi Shoichi
3rd Year, Tōō Academy
Le Deux - Hollywood Undead
"That 190cm rule really is something. Care to make an exception?"


Aomine Daiki
1st Year, Tōō Academy
Bad Reputation - Joan Jett
"Don't bet everything you have on that match. We may have changed schools but I still owe you. Still, that's not why I'm warning you; Don't bet your future on that game."


Murasakibara Atsushi
1st Year, Yōsen High
Light 'Em Up - Fall Out Boy
"You all acting happy over a game makes me sick. I'll dare any of you to face me and then let's see who's laughing. I'll crush you all."


Himuro Tatsuya
2nd Year, Yōsen High
30 Minutes - Tatu
"It's the first time someone came out and said I was pretty. Not to worry, you won't be so infatuated once you can see what I can do."


Akashi Seijūrō
1st Year, Rakuzan High
Glory & Gore - Lorde
"Lose? I do no such thing. No team of mine knows that type of worry. As long as they listen to me, they'll never feel that kind of second-best pressure."


Mayuzumi Chihiro
3rd Year, Rakuzan High
Gun - Chvrches
"You don't know? New models always out-do the old ones. I've heard of what Teikō can do, but don't fret, I'm upgraded."


Nijimura Shūzō
2nd Year
Demons - Imagine Dragons
"Past or present, you're still in my debt. Do you really plan to run from that?"


Haizaki Shōgo
1st Year, Fukuda Sōgō Academy
Up In The Air - 30 Seconds to Mars
"Don't play. We were on the same team; Don't pretend like you feel nothing for what used to be."


Hanamiya Makoto
2nd Year, Kirisaki Daīchi High
Fuck You - Archive
"Well, besides crushing you all, there is something I want."


Satsuki Momoi
1st Year, Tōō High
Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns
"All I want is to see him smile the way he used to. I'm anxious when I watch his matches now. Back then, I truly believed nobody could beat him. Now, that arrogance leaves room for error."


Aida Riko
2nd Year, Seirin High
Come To Me - TheStrangerSide
"I'm not flat-chested; I'm athletic!"


Alexandra Garcia
Mercy - Hurts
"Japanese girl's are so cu-Oh jeeze!"






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