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Moriko, Mizuki, Usagi and... hey, this is a serious spoiler alert!! (JOKING...)


This story is taken from AsianFanFics, so I'm not copying... since it's my own work. Please understand that! ^.^


Meet Moriko! She's your typical middle schooler... or is she?!

"Have you ever wondered WHY time goes so slow when you're bored?!"

"No, I don't actually..."

"Well then! Have you ever wondered why time goes so fast when you're having fun?! Don't you want time to slow down when you're having fun?"

"Uh, just pointing out that that was the exact same question, but the opposite..."

"The that's why you should join my club!!" *super smiley smile*

"You're hopeless."

*CHA-CHING!* (Cash register sound-effect added in for absolutely NO reason).



Moriko, along with 3 others form a club! Together, they try to uncover the reason why time goes fast and slow. In order for them to survive middle school, they have to have fun! Now, one would think that they would have no enemy in doing so... but, the truth is...


Who, you ask?

TIME! (Oh, and, of course, 2 other middle-schoolers!)


MORIKO: Hey, you! Reader! You interested?! Huh, huh?! Well, if you are, you read!!

???: You're scaring the readers. Don't be a talking advert, seriously...

MORIKO: Why? You see talking adverts on TV! Jeez....


* I am seriously SLOW to update, so I apologise!*


I now dedicate this story to all of my friends, who I had to part with. These characters now at least contain some traits of each of your personalities, and mine (Moriko's). If one of you is reading this and don't see any traits at all, then blame the character development-- each character's personality will progress in different situations. As for everyone else, thanks for clicking on this story (I typed the same thing underneath). Continue to read it until the end!

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Since I originally did the first chapter in the foreword, you'll have to read that in chapter 1 :)




^.^ The genres that go into The Conception of Time are...

- sliceoflife

- comedy

- fantasy

- sci-fi (briefly)

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WinnieStar  on says about chapter 3:
hey there is some grammar mistakes and spelling too! but its interesting and i am imgaining everything in anime form. lol! >0<

konata-chan  on says about chapter 2:
sorry but I couldn't be bothered reading it all cause I'm so
tired I'm up to "sorry for intruding"*slam* bit to I'll just
comment for there so yeah that is really cool and lol
"i think I'm blind" :D

IcyWish [A]  on says about chapter 3:
*Self comment*
It doesn't take long to realise that there's something SERIOUSLY WRONG with me... XD

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