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by queen_q_minz
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hi there... i know i kinda leave this story hanging here for quite a long time..but actually, i updated this story on my blog until chapter 20 already.. but.. i would like to encourage you to read in here (http://ilham.karangkraf.com/karya-detail.aspx?idk=3403&idc=32705) as i post more chapters there. please do support and leave comments in there.. have a nice day everyone.



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Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 6:
Q... Hahaha. Lama tak dengar fasal Alan... Cerita fasal Alan pula...

eifa_arey  on says about chapter 6:
Panas punggung ler Ezuan. Lawan nadia, jgn x lwn eh! X selamanya duk bwh telunjuk Ezuan tu.

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 4:
Nadia teman diana.....

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 3:
Helo.... Mana Q ni. Ketuk pintu tak ada orang pun.... Heehehe. Mesti sibuk kat pbakl ni...

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 3:
Haa... macam tu la nadia. Tinggalkan ezuan tu... wah... rancakkan menulis q...

eifa_arey  on says about chapter 3:
Bagus Nadia. Kumbang bukan sekor jer. Alan..Alan

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 2:
Ba nak cakap.... Ezuan tu pakwe nadia ke? Sekali baca kat hujung... Mmg pun!!!
Helo nadia... Kenapa kalau dia dah macam tu.... Awak still nak kat ezuan ni.... Heee...
Hope Alan tu ada watak yang istimewa kat Nadia... Hahaha.ru

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 1:
Siapalah lelaki tu. Ewah, nadia. Ada orang payungkan untuk kau... hehehe^___^

eifa_arey  on says about chapter 2:
Lagi... lagi... lagi....

eifa_arey  on says about chapter 1:
Menarik..menarik. ...buat hati meronta nak tau kisah selanjutnya.

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