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Hello, hai... 

Im back, with a new fiction. tbh, i wrote this one 6 months ago, and i left it hanging for 4 months, writers block strike hard babe.. its hurt. But, i don't want to left this unfinish so i decided to post it up here (instead of my blog due to some reasons) and hopefully can gain back the writing feeling and continue to finish this up. i hope the readers may help me. please....



Im going to introduce some of the characters: 

*will update the poster and character chart once its finish*




She's a 25 years old fun girl, pretty and smart. But she makes a very bad decision after being kicked out off her house by her own mother.  She's thought that she's in love with her boyfriend, later that she realize that she was not in-love but she was trapped with him because she relied on him too much. 



A stranger but soon to be Nadia's soulmate. She's the same age with Nadia, they meet as stranger in an accident but quickly become best friends. Diana's was too dull before she meet Nadia, but after they become friends her world start to change become more colourful.


Ezuan Rizal

Nadia's (ex) boyfriend. He found Nadia when she was 17, he support her and become her one and only pillar.  He thought Nadia will never leave him, but he realize he was wrong when Nadia starts to change boldly.  By the time he wants to win her back, it's just too late.. but.. he won't let her go, just like that. He had some plan in mind. 



Owner of SPESHOW beauty saloon near Nadia's office. Alan is like a prince on a white horse to Nadia. He find Nadia pretty and attractive at the very beginning but he never thought that he would actually fall in love with her. He's struggle hard to deny it, but... fail very badly. Alan stop fighting his own feeling when he found Nadia had the same feeling as him. 


*more characters coming, but... i think its not fun if i tell about everyone in the description. so read and find out yourself.*


eventhough i wrote this description in english, but this is a malay fiction.

Do not copy my fiction, repost my fiction is stricly prohibited, if you wanted to share please share the link instead!! 







Kalau ada yang bertanya,


antara semua keputusan kau buat selama ni, yang mana kau paling menyesal?


Pertama kali menyambut tangan si dia?


Bila membuat keputusan untuk melangkah keluar dari dunia ciptaan dia?


Atau bila menolak rayuan dia untuk kembali bersama tanpa belas kasihan?


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Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 6:
Q... Hahaha. Lama tak dengar fasal Alan... Cerita fasal Alan pula...

eifa_arey  on says about chapter 6:
Panas punggung ler Ezuan. Lawan nadia, jgn x lwn eh! X selamanya duk bwh telunjuk Ezuan tu.

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 4:
Nadia teman diana.....

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 3:
Helo.... Mana Q ni. Ketuk pintu tak ada orang pun.... Heehehe. Mesti sibuk kat pbakl ni...

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 3:
Haa... macam tu la nadia. Tinggalkan ezuan tu... wah... rancakkan menulis q...

eifa_arey  on says about chapter 3:
Bagus Nadia. Kumbang bukan sekor jer. Alan..Alan

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 2:
Ba nak cakap.... Ezuan tu pakwe nadia ke? Sekali baca kat hujung... Mmg pun!!!
Helo nadia... Kenapa kalau dia dah macam tu.... Awak still nak kat ezuan ni.... Heee...
Hope Alan tu ada watak yang istimewa kat Nadia... Hahaha.ru

Bihurrunain  on says about chapter 1:
Siapalah lelaki tu. Ewah, nadia. Ada orang payungkan untuk kau... hehehe^___^

eifa_arey  on says about chapter 2:
Lagi... lagi... lagi....

eifa_arey  on says about chapter 1:
Menarik..menarik. ...buat hati meronta nak tau kisah selanjutnya.

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