Chapter 2: Light and Fire Awaken/Introducing a New Team

by GiveMariCookies
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"Fukawa! Don't let go!"
"Y-you think I'm t-that dumb enough t-to let go, Owada!?" cried out the violet pigtailed girl holding on to the side of the cliff while Mondo slowly approach her to reach for her hand.
A while ago, some unusual events happened on the train. When there was a sudden jerk, everyone collapsed on they ground and the lights went out. Mondo checked to see if everyone was alright when he saw large figures casted over them without realizing he had one of his own. It only lasted for about 3 seconds when the lights turned back on and the figures quickly dissolved. After that, the train came into a halt, surprising the five teens as they were pushed out if the train by large amounts of steam that came out from the vents. From there, they found out that the train actually talked and explained to them that they were in a place called the Digital World and that if they ever wanted to go back home, they had to find the Spirits. From there, the train left them without a care in the world.
After that fiasco, they received another message from the woman out of the newly gained D-Tectors they received when their cellphones morphed into them. She asked of them to find the spirits and restore peace to the current chaotic world. The five students were hesitant at first, but came to an agreement seeing to that they have no way of getting back home anyway. From there, a radar appeared on their screens with a white dot just north of their direction and decided to follow it. They soon arrived to a large cliff, which turned out that there was an entrance from the side of it and that they all had to step down from the side of the cliff to get to it.
This all led now to the current situation. After Ibuki was first to go, Fukawa was next to go down. It was suggested by Ibuki due to the situation of the guys "accidentally" catching a glimpse underneath one of the girls' skirts. However as she was stepping down, Fukawa footing slipped; leading her to grab hold of the current rock side she was on for dear life. The guys were trying to figure out how to help her but was quite the problem with the pigtailed violet girl already halfway down to the entrance which was still a good ten feet down. From there, Mondo stepped down himself next to Fukawa in order to grab her and carry her down with him.
She was just within his grasp...
The ground started to shake furiously, making the kids who were standing nearly topple over. Fukawa and Mondo hanged on the cliff for dear life in hopes that the shaking didn't knock them off the side.
"Hang on down there, Fukawa!" shouted Mondo looking down at the girl. She seemed stronger and durable than she looked.
"D-do I have any other option?" questioned the pigtailed girl sarcastically.
The gang leader knew that the two wouldn't be able to hang on too much longer, especially if the shaking were to happen again. 
With no warning, the brunette let go altogether from the cliff before unexpectedly grabbing Fukawa as the two fell towards Ibuki.
"MONDO! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" screamed Fukawa in horror as the two plummeted to the platform. Mondo was falling with his back to the ground while holding Fukawa upwards.
When they reached to Ibuki, Mondo rolled in order to take in minimal injury. Dust surrounded them for a bit until it cleared with the trio coughing from some of the excess. Mondo released Fukawa, letting her stand and brush the dust off her skirt.
"Ya okay, Fukawa?" asked Mondo.
"What Ibuki's wondering is are YOU okay, Mondo-chan?" questioned Ibuki curiously.
"Never better," replied the gang leader with a lopsided grin before standing up himself. He winced as he held his back, feeling pain set in from the fall.
"Aha! Ibuki knows you're lying!" smiled the punk girl.
Dammit, she's quite the observant one.
"T-thank you, O-Owada..." mumbled Fukawa, still shocked that Mondo pulled such a stunt to protect her.
"No prob. That's what friends are for," said Mondo before looking up at the top of the cliff. "We're alright guys! Just wait up there till we get back!"
"No problem!" That was Kuzuryuu.
"Just don't die on us, dudes!" That was Leon.
"Let's go, people! Ibuki's D-Tector thingy says that the Spirit thing's this way!" shouted the punk girl as she was running toward the cave. Mondo and Fukawa didn't waste time as the followed.
"Woah, dude! I'm getting another signal from my D-Tector. It's a red one and it's not too far," said Leon as he pointed to the left.
"Let's go then. Beats standing here and waiting for these guys," answered Kuzuryuu as the two made their way to said direction.
Meanwhile with the trio, they kept running through the cave until they entered a spacious chamber. There were torches against the walls, keeping the place lit.
"T-This reminds of one of those b-books with the treasure hunter who's also an A-archeologist...(1)" muttered Fukawa as she looked around.
"Ibuki thinks that's what we're looking for!" shouted the punk as the other two looked at where she was pointing at.
There was some stairs leading up to a pedestal. On it appeared to be a totem of silver armor, a silver wolf shaped headpiece and short blonde hair.
"I-it doesn't appear to be much," said Fukawa as she looked at it.
"Then we'll just have to find out," replied Mondo as he headed up to the pedestal.
"THAT'S what we're looking for? It just looks like a missing piece to a totem pole!" shouted Kuzuryuu as the duo found a totem surrounded by a wall of unfamiliar writing similar to what the trio found. This one had read armor, a red headpiece with horns sticking out on either side and long wild blonde hair.
"Let's just take it and go then. It's not like anyone's been looking for it 'cept us," suggested Leon.
The ground started shaking again as the duo tried to keep their footing.
"You just HAD to open your dumbass mouth!" shouted the yakuza heir angrily.
From the top of the wall appeared a menacing looking beast with two heads on it's shoulders as it snarled at the two teens.
"What the hell is that?" asked Leon in shock.
'Cerberumon. His special attack is Emerald Blaze,' analyzed the female voice from his D-Tector.
"Well thanks for the freaking information!" shouted Kuzuryuu in a sarcastic tone.
"HAND OVER THE SPIRIT!" yelled Cerberumon once more.
Leon didn't waste time as he headed to the totem before the beast could recognize him.
"What the hell, Kuwata? Are you insane?" shouted Kuzuryuu in shock by Leon rash move. 
"THE SPIRIT IS MINE!" shouted Cerberumon as he ran after the redhead teen.
Leon reached the platform as the creature was about to reach him. However, as it was about to attack the baseball player, a wall of fire surrounded the Leon and the platform, making the creature howl in pain and move back.
"Kuwata!" yelled Kuzuryuu in worry.
Leon had his face covered in hopes of protecting himself from the flames. However, he lowered his arms from his face upon realizing that the flames wasn't actually burning him to a crisp. The feeling actually felt comforting for the baseball player honestly.
"W-what the hell's going on?" questioned the redhead in surprise. He was more surprised when he saw the totem glowing.
"This is so weird..." mumbled the teen until seeing a small light shining from his pocket. He took out his white and red D-Tector, seeing that it was reacting to the totem.
'It is time,' said the voice from the D-Tector.
The baseball player couldn't explain what had happened next. His actions had occurred without thinking about it. He raised his D-Tector towards the totem. The object started glowing before it lifted and retreated into Leon's D-Tector. The screen displayed the same totem.
After, codes of binary number surrounded the redhead before a ring of data appeared on his right hand. He did a few hand movements before scanning the data to the top of the D-Tector.
The teen was surrounded in various codes and data before being covered in armor, soon transforming him.
The data dispersed, revealing a new figure in Leon's place. The figure wore black clothing under red, white, and gold armor, with the symbol of the totem on his belt. He had redhead armor with horns sticking out in top, leaving bright blue eyes and the lower part of his face exposed and had glowing blonde hair.
Data surrounded the teen before armor covered them. The data soon dispersed, revealing a figure with silver armor with its symbols on the shoulders, a scarf wrapped around their neck, clawed feet, head armor that resembled a wolf, leaving ruby eyes and the bottom part of the face exposed, and had short blonde hair.
"WOAH! That's Mondo-chan? Ibuki is shocked!" shouted the punk girl in excitement.
"H-how did you do that?" questioned Fukawa with a surprised expression.
Mondo, or in this case Lobomon, observed himself, taking in the new form that he had. To be honest, Mondo was as shocked as the two girls.
"I really don't know..." mumbled the transformed teen in a gruff voice that was different from his own.
"Ibuki thinks we should show this to Fuyuhiko-chan and Leon-chan! This is just too cool!" shouted the older girl.
Suddenly, the same rumbling occurred again, causing the two girls to lose their balance. Soon, pieces of rock broke from the top of the chamber, with a large piece about to fall on Ibuki and Fukawa.
"YAAAAAAAAAA!" shouted out the punk girl in surprise with Fukawa screaming as well.
Before they realized what happened, the chunk of rock was destroyed into small pieces. They looked to see Lobomon in front of them with a glowing sword in his hand, realizing that he had protected them by destroying the rock with his sword.
Before they question what was going on, Cerberumon fell from the top of the chamber and hit the floor harshly, revealing scratches and burns on him.
"Can someone explain to Ibuki what is going on?" questioned the punk girl.
"It's Leon!" yelled a voice, making the two girls and the transformed Mondo turn to see Kuzuryuu shout from the top of the opening before jumping down to the platform of the chamber and making his way to the three.
"Woah! Even Owada turned into one?" 
"A what?" asked Fukawa curiously.
"A digimon."
"Digi-what?" questioned Ibuki.
"Digimon. What Cerberumon is, what Owada is now, and what Kuwata is too," answered the gangster in irritation.
"Kuwata?" questioned Fukawa before the three spot Agunimon jump from the celling and face Cerberumon, who was trying to stand up.
"THAT'S Leon-chan? He looks smokin'," said Ibuki with a smirk.
"Oh q-quit your f-fantasizing!" shouted the literary girl next to her with a glare.
Lobomon didn't waste time as he appeared next to Agunimon to face their opponent.
"So you became a digimon too?" questioned Leon with a smirk. His current voice was also deeper than his own.
"Yeah. Now, let's get rid of this hell dog," responded Mondo with a grin.
"Couldn't agree more."
The two digimon got ready before the ran to team attack their opponent.
-Flashback Ends-
Chapter Two
"Where are you taking me, Mioda senpai?" questioned Daisuke.
After the incident, Dai asked Ibuki to take her home. However, Ibuki had other plans as she passed right by the apartment complex.
"Ibuki needs to take Dai-chan to her own apartment right away! We must discuss what happened with some friends of mine."
Dai paled at the statement, "W-who do we need to tell about this?"
"Us Legendary Warriors. Ibuki's friends and Ibuki all went to the Digital World," explained the punk girl. The answer quickly caught Dai's attention just hearing about the Digital World.
"How did you guys go? The gate's been closed!"
"Like Ibuki said! We'll explain everything when Ibuki invited over everyone!"
Soon enough, they soon reached to the older girl's small apartment. Once they entered, Ibuki settled the soccer player down in the living room before heading off to make a few phone calls.
Dai observed the place. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't as messy as Dai imagined her senpai to have it. There was a few articles of clothing and some misplaced items here and there but it was pretty organized.
By now, Dai had cleared her mind a bit from the confrontation of her "friends". The images of the events ran through her head. Did they really feel sorry when she confronted them? Or were they only trying to apologize out of guilt and pity?
Nevertheless she felt the atmosphere around less heavier and she couldn't figure out why. It's like the moment her senpai carried her out, the presence around her changed.
"Yo, Dai-chan! Catch!" 
"Eh?" questioned the mahogany haired girl, quickly holding her hands out before a can appeared in front of her.
"Drink up! Everyone's coming in a few minutes and Ibuki ordered pizza for all us to eat!" shouted the punk girl as she approached the younger and took her seat.
"Dai-chan? Ibuki's never good with words but she'll try... Dai-chan shouldn't worry about mean people like them anyone. They just never saw Dai-chan's awesomeness. It's their loss. Dai-chan has a new family now," explained Ibuki.
Daisuke's eyes widened in surprise of her senpai's words. Sure Ibuki was quite the over exaggerater and all but to hear her say such sincere words to her? She had never heard her "friends" talk so kind and sincere towards her.
Before the younger can speak up, there was a heavy knock at the door, making her jump in surprise.
"Oh! That's them!" shouts Ibuki before making her way to the door and greeting those from the other side before letting them in. 
Dai couldn't help but hear some familiar voices. However, she couldn't place her finger on it...
"Yo, Dai! What's up?"
The girl perked up at the sound of a familiar voice before the owner of the voice grabbed the girl from the back. Dai's eyes widened upon finally seeing them.
"L-Leon?" questioned the girl in surprise.
"Don't forget about us," said another voice, making the girl look up in surprise once more.
"Owada? Fukawa?"
"Ohhhh? Dai-chan knows them?" asked Ibuki.
"We're in the same grade, Ibuki! Of course we're gunna be in the same class." Mondo retorted.
"I'm so confused. What're they doing here?" asked Dai in utter confusion.
"Alright you idiots, calm down! Let's sit down and get this crap straight!" yelled a male who was shorter than everyone else. Heck, he was about a few centimeters shorter than Dai!
Everyone didn't questioned the angered teen and they all settled down on either the couch or on the floor.
"Okay. So, Mioda, why don't you further explain to us the situation," said the male in a much calmer tone. Dai was rather surprised in his quick change of attitude. She would've expected him to similar to Yolei but the male seemed to have self control and knew his limits.
"Okay! So like Ibuki bumped into Dai-chan on the way to the music store and joined her to visit her friends at her home school, but when Ibuki and Dai-chan arrived to the classroom, we heard Dai-chan's friends talking bad about her so Dai-chan told them that she didn't want to see them again and Ibuki brought Dai-chan here," explained the punk girl in one breath.
Daisuke was waiting for her classmates to make fun of her or judge her, however, they stayed silent, which was even more excruciating.
"Yo, dude, pardon my french, but that's fucked up." Leon commented first.
"Couldn't agree more. If I ever see those assholes now, I'll PERSONALLY go and beat the crap out of them myself!" shouted the smaller male from before.
"I'm with ya there, man!" added Mondo.
Dai's eyed widened in surprise. They were defending her?
"Motomiya san, don't let words of such cruel people get to you. Your words of confidence and ability to stand for yourself is enough tough armor for such fools not to hurt you," explained Fukawa with a small smile.
"You see Dai-chan!! We're all here to help you no matter what!" shouted Ibuki with a grin.
"Thanks a lot for your kind words," replied the teen with a small smile.
Before anymore works can be exchanged, the was knocking once again at the door.
"The pizza's finally here!!!" shouted the punk girl as she made her way to the door with her wallet in hand.
"Hey by the way, where the hell is Kazuichi?" questioned the shorter male of the group.
"He texted me before I came over saying that his truck broke down....AGAIN. He said he'll be here in like 10 minutes," answered Leon.
"Who's Kazuichi?" questioned Daisuke curiously.
"He's a classmate of Ibuki and Fuyuhiko here. I almost forgot you don't really know the seniors except for Ibuki," answered Mondo.
"The name's Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Super High School Lever Gangster at your service," answered the small male to the mahogany haired girl, "I don't believe I caught your name."
"Oh um... I'm Daisuke Motomiya, Super High School Level Soccer Player," answered the Digidestined.
"Wow, first person to not feel intimidated by the fact that Fuyuhiko is from the well known Kuzuryuu family. I'm impressed at you, Motomiya," commented Mondo.
"I have heard about them but Kuzuryuu senpai seems pretty friendly to me," answered the girl with a shrug, "Also, isn't there always a girl following you at school when I see the seniors pass by the hallways?"
"Senpai, eh? I can get used to that," smirked the older male, "You mean Peko? Yeah, she's supposed to be my bodyguard but I keep telling her to stop and hang out with Ibuki and her friends but she would rather keep an eye on me at all times. From that phone call with Ibuki earlier though, I ended up running out of the house without even telling her where I was going so I doubt she'll follow me from that far away but I'm pretty sure she'll be pissed and ask me 20 questions or something once I get back."
"Ibuki's back with the pizza! And look who came just in time too!" shouted the senior with two pizza boxes in hand and another teen who was a bit taller than her with dyed pink hair walking behind her.
"Finally! I thought I was going to have to call and yell to get your ass here in the next five minutes," commened Kuzuryuu with an unamused look.
"Sorry, the truck's engine is pretty old so I have to check on it constantly for now on," answered the pink haired teen.
"We're glad you're here but please Kazuichi, at least have some decency and introduce yourself properly to our new fellow guest," piped up Fukawa.
"Huh?" The pink haired teen turned away from the gangster before spotting the unknown mahogany haired girl. Pink met honey as the two gave each other curious looks.
The male blinked before smiling, revealing his sharp teeth, "Hiya, the name's Kazuichi Souda and I'm the Super High School Level Mechanic. Nice to meet ya!"(2)
Dai shook herself out of her stupor before smiling back at the male, "Hello. I'm Daisuke Motomiya and I'm the Super High School Level Soccer Player. It's nice to meet you too."(3)
Souda decided to take seat next to Leon but couldn't help but keep his sight linger just a bit longer on the soccer girl.
Soon enough, everyone settled down as they got their slices of pizza and had cups to pour into from the few liter soda bottles that Ibuki had brought out. In the midst of it, Leon filled Souda in on what had happened to Daisuke earlier today, angering the pink haired mechanic as to why the soccer player was talked down upon by her so called "friends". However, he soon calmed down seeing the girl's mood lighten up from a heated debate Fukawa and Ibuki we're having about classic literature and comic books.
Eventually, all the food and sodas we're completely gone as everyone had their own share of dinner for tonight. They we're all in their own little conversations before Mondo had interupted and quieted down the rowdy teens.
"Alright guys. Let's get serious and talk about what we really came here to discuss," said the bike gang leader as everyone looked at Daisuke, leaving the girl looking at her friends and senior in confusion.
"We'll tell you our story in the Digital World and then you can tell us yours. Does that sound like a plan?" questioned Leon as they waited for the girl to answer.
Dai stood still for what seemed like minutes before shaking her head and smiling, "Sure. I would love to hear what happened during your adventures."
(1) - Reference to the Indiana Jones novels
(2) - I'm still trying to figure out his accent more or less for dialogue
(3) - Kinda a forced repeat that I couldn't change
A/N: OMG This chapter is finally done! Sorry for the long wait!! Summer's drawing to a close for me since there's only 2 weeks left till I start university so I'll really be busy then but I'll promise to update this before summer's over for me.
Again, I'm still not really sure where I want to go with this story in the long run but I am having ideas for the upcoming events in the next chapters. I'm thinking about doing maybe 3 major arcs for this story but keeping it between 25-50 chapters but that might be impossible for three arcs, especially when I'm doing the DR/SDR2's Digital World adventures at the same time as the main story. I am hoping to get the DR/SDR2 cast's backstory done by the 2nd arc so the last arc can all be main storyline so I may skip around. This is also why the main storyline is going on the slow side at the moment so the backstory can get done faster. Note though, DR/SDR2's adventures are only based on Digimon Frontier's story but they aren't exactly the same!! 
By the way, who should Dai be paired with?? You already got the hint who I want more or less for her to pair her up with but I want to see who you guys would rather want. There's already the guys I've introduced for the DR/SDR2 crew plus we can throw in TK and Ken since the Digidestined will keep coming back and they'll play an important part in the main storyline. Note though, the pairings will not hinder what's going on with the story and any signs of romance and stuff won't be too noticable till around the end of arc 2 or around arc 3 since I would want it to build up.
Next time: Chapter 3: Taking Flight/A Normal Day in Class 
Thank for reading! Good night!


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