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Cast of Digimon 01/02 and Cast of Dangan Ronpa/SDR2/DRAE


Summary: Daisuke felt like the world was changing around her. Her friends rarely talked to her, her family pretty much acted as if she never existed, and the Digidestined aren't able to access the Digital World for unknown reasons. However, one day becomes the breaking point when she overhears her friends talk about her not being a capable leader and blaming her for the Digital Gate closing. She does the only thing she can: Leave them.

However, the Digital World seems to need her again when she's called to go back and meets a group of Digidestined she knows all to well that need her help. But, what is the new evil that they must face? -- Semi AU (Fem!Daisuke)

Digimon 02 x Dangan Ronpa/Super Dangan Ronpa 2 x concepts of Digimon Frontier x concepts of Supernatural

(Note: The title is still a bit of a work in progess until I can come up with a more suitable one unless I decide to keep it)


Well it's been surely a long while since I've written something. I just thought that having a crossover would be fun though please excuse the fact that this is a rather strange crossover. This idea had been in my head and the first chapter had been in my files for over a month before I was forced to move it over to my email for reasons that can't be explained. The second chapter is not even on the editing stage yet but it's almost done being written,

So anyway! I can't really explain to you the whole fic in its entirety because it has so much complexity that even I have some trouble figure it out and I'm trying to make it more simpler because of it. All I can really say much is that it's structured a bit differently than what I'm used to. You'll see when the first chapter goes up in a while.

My major points that I will say will be said now so there won't be any confusion when ya'll start reading:

-The Dangan Ronpa/SDR2 side is comepletely Non-Despair! So they're all basically regular high school students at Hope's Peak Academy (Of course I wouldn't get rid of their dorky personalities though). Also by concepts of Digimon Frontier, it means that the kids from that season will be replaced with those I've chosen from DR/SDR2.

-In this story, the whole cast of Digimon 01/02 are a bit older as in timeline sequence in this story takes place after the final battle in 02. (Note: This ain't including the epilogue that much is pretty obvious!)

-How the order of this story's timeline will occur: I already said that it takes place after 02 but right after them will be characters of DR/SDR2's own adventure. The official story takes place two years after their adventure! (3 years after the final battle of 02)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! All the characters and concepts belong to their rightful owners. Any original characters that may appear in the future do belong to me.

Hope you guys enjoy this!!



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flowersea  on says:
good story!

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