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Charlie Davenport, Rion Wintar, Alexander Wintar, Noah Kassier, Virgil Kassier, Mark Daris, Caitlan Mikos, Arrin Daris, Leon Valens, Roman Mercier, Nanette Baudouin, Chazade Khashayar + Other Minor Characters.



A promiscuous psyche assistant, an erruptive alcoholic, and a dry-witted doctor move into a new town…
Yes, it sounds like the set-up for a cheesy joke, but the situation is far from a barrel of laughs when the family realize that they’ve relocated into a rash of obscure murders that are far from being solved.

With their own pasts haunting them, the Wintar family try to slide into the close-knit community obsessed with death and the supernatural without having too many of their secrets picked open.



Chained By Depravity
No matter what we say, or how we pretend to feel, all we really need is to be connected to somebody. We long for union, whether we dare to admit it or not.


Theme Song
The Chain - Fleetwood Mac
Night of the Hunter - 30 Seconds to Mars

Main Genres
Friendship, Supernatural/Fantasy, Folklore/Mythology, Satire/Dark Comedy, Soul Searching.

Reoccuring Themes
Slow-Boil Romance, Action, Drama, Southern Blues Folklore, Horror, Substance Abuse, Important choice-making, The weight of Loyalty, The multitude of affects caused by sexual relationships, Exploring several religions (Witchcraft/Wicca/Satanism/Voodoo/Hoodoo/Christianity/Judaism), Running from your past, Seeking redemption, Overcoming moral & social barriers, and the ever debated question: can you really chose your family?

Rion Wintar, Charlie Davenport, Alexander Wintar, James Glazer, Philippe Thibodeaux, Noah Kassier, Virgil Kassier, Gabriel Kassier, Mark Daris, Caitlan Mikos, Arrin Daris, Leon Valens, Roman Mercier, Nanette Baudouin, Marrin Goode + Other Minor Characters.

Start Date
11th June 2014 [Original]
27th March 2020 [Reboot]

End Date

Swearing, Smut. Graphic portrayals of: Substance Abuse, Violence/Torture/Gore, Moral & Social Corruption, Mental/Physical/Emotional Abuse, Sick/Morbid Jokes. Heavy on the mythology and folklore at parts. Lots of pop culture references & Sour puns. NSFW for the most part for one reason or another (blatant cursing to graphic mutilation), and

Author’s Note
Over the last decade or so, werewolves in media have gone from being wild animals that kill anything that moves to, well, pussies. They’re all shown as clean-cut and have perfect handles on their nature. To me, that isn’t what a werewolf is and I’m going to try and bring back that primal beast that has been pushed aside for the prettier image of gleaming abs.

I don’t claim to be an expert on werewolves. I did, however, do a lot of research on the matter of both the fictional beings and real wolves in the wild. I have kept some of the base attributes of most of the mythological creatures that will be involved, but I’ve also tried to mix it up to take away the predictability of the overdone supernatural trope.

I do not own the actors used to portray the characters. I do not own any of the real clubs, plantation houses, locations, etc, that will be mentioned.
I do, however, own the plot, fictional characters, character card graphics and poster/’book’ cover.

I do NOT take responsibility for any minors who read this. As mentioned in the warnings above and prior warnings set by the site, there are a lot of darker themes that are not suitable for the squeamish, innocent, or underaged.



Charlie Davenport
Bourbon In Your Eyes – Devil Doll
“I’m sick of talking about what could be. In my line of work, we’re always looking for the next ‘what if’. This is getting old. Prove to me that you’re the man you said you are.”

Rion Wintar
It’s All In Vain - Wet
“No matter which angle you look at me from, you’ll never know me; I won’t let you. Do us all a favour and get over it. Save both of our pride and just turn around and walk away.”

Alexander Wintar
Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top
“Everything I do, have ever done, has always been for you. If you reject this, it would have all been for nothing. Do you want that? Can you handle that on your conscience?”

James Vaughn
Girl All The Bad Guys Want – Bowling For Soup
“I never did much with my life. I went to college, and work –I had a blog. Things have changed more than should be possible in the last month. I don’t know whether I should be grateful, or scared that we’re still friends. We are still friends, right? I mean, the whole dog-joke was just a misunderstanding.”

Nikolas Lytvyni
Runaway - Aurora
“I’ve thought about a lot of things since I started working here; I’ve seen a lot of things. It turns out, I was wrong. It wasn’t the house that was haunted, it’s your family. And with what I think is happening right now, there isn’t any amount of good will that can reverse it.”

Noah Kassier
30 Minute Break - The Luka State
“You can’t begin to understand what I’ve done for you. I’ve broke the only rule that has no way to come back from. I have put my life on the line, and you called my bluff with your silly little games. I hope you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.”

Virgil Kassier
Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang
“I can smell the pressure lying causes coating your skin. It’s like a trademark perfume; it’s in there real deep. Even after you change your clothes, or scrub yourself raw, it’s there to stay. What happened to you to make you the way you are? I’ve seen people live through Hell and become the embodiment of the Devil, but even they don’t stink like you do.”

Roman Mercier
Beautiful Crime - Tamer
“We all have our own idea of duty, even you. I would never ask you to sell out your friend, so don’t ask me to do it either. Regardless of what’s going on here, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is more important than my family.”

Leon Valens
Little By Little - Oasis
“What do my feelings have to do with anything? Feelings, what kind of bullshit is that? Just because you’re going soft in the head ‘cause of a piece of tail doesn’t mean anyone else is. You’d better get your shit together because questions of your loyalty are being asked, brother.”

Mark Daris
The Emperor’s New Clothes – Panic! At The Disco
“What do you take me for? I’m well aware of the rumours about me, but from what you’ve seen, do I look like that kind of beast? Come on, Sweetheart. Witches, werewolves? It seems as though Doctor Wintar’s eccentric delusions have rubbed off on you.”

Arrin Daris
Big Bad Wolf – In This Moment
“You have no idea what you’ve done to my family. You may have played the poor little rich girl before, but you’ve never met anyone like me. You’re going to do more than regret crossing me.”

Caitlan Mikos
Eyes On Me – Celine Dion
“No matter what I do, I always have a reason for it. If you don’t trust me, that’s fine; honestly, I can’t blame you. But if you call me a liar again, I won’t just take your money – I’ll take your throat, too.”

Casey Adkins
All of You – Riz MC Ft. Plan B & Aruba
“What the fuck is your problem? We’ll do things the same way we always do them: We investigate, we party, we hook-up with girls, we fix the issue, and then we move along to the next place. This is the life you chose - I didn’t force you into it, so stop acting all PMS about what I’m saying. Hey, I’ll tell ya what: I’ll buy you a diary as we’re leaving so you can write up all of those weepy feels you have.”

Daniel Hayes
Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene - Hozier
“I have no obligation to tell you a God damn thing, and I’m certainly not scared of you. You very well may not be a criminal, but by standing beside Mark Daris, you’re guilty by association. And if you keep protecting him, how do you think it will work out for everyone you’ve dragged into this situation?”







Huffing and grunting, Rion shuffled through the darkness - The blind leading the blind, as it was. Pebbless dug into her knees and spider webs tickled the back of her shoulders and neck. “Remind me again why I agreed to this stupid, stupid plan?” The stench of must covered the tiny hairs inside her nose and etched itself into her brain.

“We don’t have time to bury it right now.” Smacking her head on the excruciatingly low crawlspace support beam, the redhead shook with disgust at the nastiness of where they were. “We still have to clean the inside.”

Rion slowed as she felt around begrudgingly. The space was starting to narrow off, or at least that’s what it felt like. “You know that extremely bad feeling you get in situations like this-”

“-Ones like in the horror movies where a creepy-ass monster snatches your foot?” Charlie cut her off and grabbed her ankle in jest.

Pulling her bent leg back and forth like a special needs donkey, the blonde raised her brow unknowingly. “Uh, no, but thanks for that nightmare fuel.” Adjusting her weight, she itched her face with the back of her hand. “I mean the feeling where two young, sexy chicks are scuffling around under centuries old decking in the pitch black, trying to hide a dead body like they’re saving it for tomorrow’s snack, and they think everything will be fine...But then some dickhead ruins everything by finding it before they can move it somewhere permanent. That kind of feeling - I have it.

“As soon as your dad leaves tomorrow, we’ll bury it.”

“Where?” The blonde snapped and smacked the floor. “And why the fuck should we have to do this?” Charlie opened her mouth to make a noise of thought, but a tense gasp escaped her before she could form words. Startled by her friend, Rion dropped the head in shock. “What? What happened?” She quizzed as the thought of the grabby-monster-hand image came flooding back.

“We can dump it in the bayou, like in the movies.” Charlie explained.

Feeling the death-grip on her heart ease up, the blonde huffed. “Stupid bitch. I thought something was touching you.”

“Even I can’t get to second base in a place like this.”

Rion could practically see the sassy hair-flip. “Just hurry up. There’s probably all sorts of weird shit under here.” Grabbing her end of the body again, the older girl lugged.

“Yeah, I bet the last time this cave was tickled was when some poor negro slave was mutilated and stashed under here to starve to death.”

“Don’t say things like that.”

“Like the horror house of Lavaeu.”

“Goddamn, you really need to stop going on the internet.”





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Destiel  on says:
My life is complete if Virgil is gonna get dirty and sweaty in my yard while I get to watch.

PMSL so hard at you and the Russian Assassin, I just can't.

Nothing like a twerkathon to welcome James to our home~

Omg, that reminds me - I was writing Youngjae's story yest and didn't even pay attention til about an hour in when I read what I had written and nearly fell out the window I laughed so hard.

"YoungJake wasn't always a soul sucking _____ deviant, he had a life like anyone else"


Destiel  on says:
Dude, if someone tried _____ with either one of us at a party - They'd be _____ed. I can just imagine if I'd let you go any longer O_O

I can't wait to see how we react to being stalked by Virgil the thief and Noah, while we're both _____faced and I'm explaining wtf happened

Destiel  on says about chapter 4:
Stahp making me feel...feelings!

Is every update going to be emotional turmoil for me? Because I dunno if I can take all the feels.

I can't even explain how much I love you, Tasha.

I really like how this story is going, its probably one of the most detailed one you've posted in a long time.

Destiel  on says about chapter 3:
*Teary eyed with ugly red splotches on my nose and cheeks* I love you, too!

This update was really nice, I like the fact that you took the time to describe how _____ed we are but how well we fit together.

I had a Tablo tear as soon as you mentioned you loved me.

And BTW, we're serial Parent killers.

Destiel  on says about chapter 2:
Why do I see you making me sleep with Maslo in his creepy _____ pedo van while you sit outside getting high with CSP?

I can't even begin to describe the terror I'm feeling rn.

Destiel  on says:

The disclaimer, the author note, and the warnings I just can't.

I'm stoked to see who plays who when you edit tomoz, although I'm pretty sure who Leon will be.

Obviously he'll be Justin Timberlake 'cause yolo.

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