snapshot #11

by awuuyushi
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Snapshot #11

Stepping outside of the center felt like a breath of fresh air for Jason. Well, it was a breath of fresh air seeing as the place was smack dab in the middle of some stupid forest with stupid pine trees that they made him jog past every morning for the past two years. Now, getting out of that routine would be something he welcomed with open arms. With the sun glaring down at him through the gaps in the trees, Jason never felt more grateful than he had right there and then.

His father’s sleek black Sedan pulled up to the entrance of the center, the dirt road behind him already filling with other cars of different variety. Jason hefted his bag onto his shoulder with a calm aura, and opened the door to the back seat.

“Hey dad.”

His dad, for the first time in Jason’s life, smiled back at him. “Hey son.”

“Hey mom. Did you change your hair?”

His mother grinned. “I curled it; looks nice, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, mom. It’s a nice change.” Jason nodded. Bubbling happiness coursed through his veins. Today marked the first time his family actually looked happy together. His father gunned the accelerator and they sped out of that dreadful forest faster than he could say ‘Adderall’.

“So,” his father began, looking back in the review mirror to check on Jason. “How was rehab?”

“It was hard at first.” Jason shrugged, leaning against the car door as he watched the scenery speed by. “I didn’t have it worse that others, though. There were some guys who snorted heroin and couldn’t stop.”

“I’m glad, son.” his dad chimed, smiling. “Next stop: Princeton University.”

Jason smirked at the review mirror. “Maybe later.”



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Dreams  on says:
This is so interesting and so well written :D

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