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caroline fletcher, jason myers, nathan wu, alecia travis, ali mason


Learning to run isn't easy.

Take it from the experts - they've been trying to run for years.

run (ruhn)


1. to depart quickly; take flight; flee or escape

2. to go around, rove, or ramble without restraint

3. to move, roll, or progress from momentum or from being 

hurled, kicked, or otherwise propelled

What happens when the lives of five disfuctional teenagers suddenly intersect? 

Arguments, crying, drama, more fighting, and perhaps even a little romance. 

But then again, what teenager hasn't experienced that? 

These teens, however, are a little...different.

And running means more to them then anything else in the world.




an anorexic ballerina

a schizophrenic bully victim

an adderall addicted insomniac 

a depressed ex-alcoholic

and an obsessive-compulsive girlfriend

author's note:

This my final year project that is basically essential because without it, I can't graduate. Since the topic choice was all up to us, I decided to write a novel (not really a novel but more of a short one) to post online. This novel would be about mental disorders and it revolves around five different types that can be found in teenagers. It's also about issues that play an important role in determining how teenagers will grow up to become; how their identity was formed. The novel covers the stories of five different characters with five different backgrounds, all of which intertwine at a couseling home. 

My whole project’s goal is to raise awareness of mental illnesses, particularly in teenagers, and to remind people that the smallest things leave the biggest impacts. As aforementioned, another goal is to bring up major events (ie: bullying, drug addiction, underage drinking and driving, etcetera) in a away that allows others to feel what the teenagers go through under these events that cause stress and/or peer pressure. Not only such, but the second main message that I want to carry across is that things will get better and that being unique and different is okay. 


I don't have the intent of offending or insulting anyone.

Everything in this novel is based on months of research.

The elements of this novel can be triggering: you have been warned. 



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Dreams  on says:
This is so interesting and so well written :D

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