crawl | 002

by awuuyushi
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| 002
She thought that maybe her bun was a little bit too high for today's lesson. It was so tight that it constantly hurt to move or even wriggle her eyebrows. But letting her hair down right now would be suicide. Madame Felicity would get her knickers into a twist and, quite literally, fling something at her. 
Maybe this little pain was worth it. 
The lead role is all you need, Caroline. Just focus and you'll get it. 
Two deep breaths and a mini-hop later, she positioned herself in the correct stance before beginning her performance of the solo act. Caroline leapt across the room with a brilliant smile on her face. This was where she belonged. This was her life. Nothing could ever take it away from her. 
With her final twists and twirls, she landed perfectly on her pointed feet, her arms arched above her head gracefully. There was no applause; there never was. Madame Felicity nodded slowly, as if eyeing a prey, and lowered her glasses. She turned to face the awaiting students for an announcement.
"I hope you know that to participate in the recital, I require all ballerinas to be below 50 kilograms. You must fit a size smaller than six. I am afraid that the tailors do not have enough material to make a bigger costume." Madame Felicity knew this wasn't healthy, God, she went through this before. But she was telling the truth and the tailor was currently useless. "I am sorry, ma cerise, but this is the only way to be a part of the recital." 
Caroline let a breath escape past her lips. Looks like she was about to go on a proper diet. 



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Dreams  on says:
This is so interesting and so well written :D

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