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Tsukirai Cross (OC), Kaname Kuran, Yuuki Kuran, Zero Kiryuu, etc


D  E   S   C   R   I   P   T   I   O   N

He is calling out for her name.

He wanted her to be back, back to their embrace.

And he wishes to never let her go again.


Confused Tsukirai Cross often dream of someone. Every night.

Yet, when she wake up, she forgets them.

She had tried to remember her dreams back, but nothing came to her


Tsubaki Sora and Kaien Cross knew the real her.

But , they didn't dare to tell her.

For they treasure her so much that they can't bear to see the pained expression on her face.

Neither do they want to expose her to the threats.




[What is it that I dream about?]


[Maybe time will tell…]


Hiya guys! This is bunny_panda97 talking ^-^ i'm posting a new story and actually i'm kinda new to posting anime fanfics so i'm sorry if there's any mistake in this fanfic first of all. And also , i don't really read the manga and i only watch season 1 of the anime since i don't dare to watch season 2 because i dont wanna see zero-pyon suffer XD. So in this fanfic, not all of the characters is really themselves, a little oc here and there ;; sorry once again. and i dont think it will follow the vampire knight saga at all too ;3; i guess. im sorry.

im so sorry ;; please be kind to me ;;


and befriend me :3

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