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Eris Chazade, Charlize Bordeaux, Riley Benham, Gage Weston, Dahlia Penninman, Morgan Chauner, Abel Goldthwaite, Elias Vargesson, Wyatt Havely, Electa Chazade, Julius de La Mare, Lawrence Merrick, Vincent Vargesson, Myron Vargesson, Godiva Kane, Thaddeus K


The Five Points Coven, named for its start by five founding families back in 1612, is left in a dangerous balance when its Supreme Leader meets an untimely, and gruesome, end.

Still, for the Spring festival of Ostara, hundreds of witches travel from across the country, and some even from as far as Europe, to visit the countryside of Massachusetts to pay tribute to The House of Five Points and take part in the annual ceremonies. This year wouldn’t be any different - The Council decided that everything would go ahead as usual.

But as it happened, there were other forces at work. With vies for power amongst the echelons, and a very important anniversary on the brink, the coven which is called home by many becomes an easy target - Not just for a new generation of misfits hungry for power, but also several other supernatural powerhouses, and a bunch of rogue assassins with a deep rooted grudge.

And that’s before a previously Exiled member shows up unannounced, or anyone finds out about what is going on beneath them.



Bloodlines: Children of the Damned
Sorrow leads to anger, and anger leads to grudge. But everything culminates in guilt, and feeling guilty for ones actions.

Theme Song
Smile - Mikki Ekko
Light ‘Em Up – Fall Out Boy


Supernatural, Fantasy, Mystery, Strategy, Thriller, Action, Drama, Mythology/Folklore, Relationships

Eris Chazade, Charlize Bordeaux, Riley Benham, Gage Weston, Dahlia Penninman, Morgan Chauner, Abel Goldthwaite, Elias Vargesson, Wyatt Havely, Electa Chazade, Julius de La Mare, Lawrence Merrick, Vincent Vargesson, Myron Vargesson, Godiva Kane, Thaddeus Kane, Ansel Chevalier, Cameron Skelton, Helena de Vezin, Ailis Darcy. Others - Minor

Start Date
29th March 2015

End Date

Swearing, Violence, Sexual Themes, Torture, Character Death, Witchcraft, Grey Morals, Darker Side of the Occult







Eris Chazade
Obsession – Sky Ferreira
“I don’t know why you’re all so pissy. Yes, it is just one problem after another, but let’s all look on the bright side: ninety percent of our coven has either ran away, defected, or died. How, you ask, is this the bright side? We have more booze for us. I kid - But really, it was better for this to happen sooner rather than later. We don’t want none of our overwrought, secret shenanigans being told to betrayers….And there’s a cellar of booze.”

Charlize Bordeaux
Use Your Love – Katy Perry
“Look down on me all you want. Go ahead, you’ve already built your own pyre. It was one thing to mess around with my man, and I could even let go of you talking shit behind my back, but what you did yesterday was just plain fucking stupid. If you thought I was a thorn in your side before, then you’re in for a brand new experience of agony. I’ll let you think about that for a while. Spend your time wisely, because these next few days are going to be all you have left.”

Riley Benham
Angel – Theory of a Deadman
“You know how I feel about moderating magic use, and you know how I feel about you, so how is it that you come to me and ask me to do something like that? I think you’re taking it too far – all of you – it’s changing you. I think the schemes you three have been cooking up go way past the point of revenge. Honestly, I don’t think you even know what you’re fighting for anymore. Or maybe you just don’t care.”


Gage Weston
You and Me – Laze and Royal ft Myah Marie
“Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy dabbling, but the girls take it way to seriously. You should be careful about how much you invest in your little meetings because none of them are quite right in the noggin. Still, if they happen to invite you to a ceremonial orgy, you know I’d be down with that, right? Right?

Dahlia Penninman
If I Were You – Stevie Nicks
“I can’t just turn it on - that would be too easy. So no, I can’t conjure up winning lottery numbers, or tell you who the best screw on campus is. But hey, you could always give it a try. The night terrors, paralysis, and waves of wailing voices that infiltrate your mind are always interesting. I know, Gage, how about you form a psychic bridge to the otherworld and see how you feel when people ask you for petty favours.”


Morgan Chauner
Rescue Me – YouMeAtSix
“When I was told I was to be sent here, I bitter. I had always wanted to come here with Thomas, but it wasn’t until he died that it was even given thought to. No matter which way you look at it, I’m a second choice and I was only allowed this because I’m my family’s last hope at notoriety. I was naïve to think my brother came here for fun; he was used, and now the same thing is happening to me.”


Elias Vargesson
Painted On My Heart - The Cult
“I’ve waited for you, and protected your family in your stead, and now you’re back but…You’re not you. You selfishly take whatever you want, from whoever you want, and look at me like I’m your dog. What have I ever done to you besides prove my
love and loyalty? How could you do this to me?”

Abel Goldthwaite

Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Rival
“Perhaps you feel that way now, but you have a lot of time left before your end. I would say don’t rush into something so reckless, but after spending a year with you, I know there is no point in arguing with you once you get an idea stuck in your head. You should take some time to figure out what you really want before jumping in at the deep end, or else you might end up like me.”


Wyatt Havely
Ghost – Sir Sly
“You are utterly ridiculous. After three years of your childish tantrums, and your sardonic remarks, and your drunken habits, one would think I would be impervious such conceited behaviour. It seems not, however. You never cease to enthral and enrage me with foolish plans powered by nothing but unending narcissism and alcohol. Truly, you are one of a kind. Thankfully, too.”


Electa Chazade
Lacrymosa - Evanescence
"I’m perfectly capable of caring for both of them. Just because I’m still stuck in the shadow of my sister doesn’t mean that I can do nothing. On the contrary, I am more than proficient, and I’ve always had better dress sense than her. Not to mention none of my flings have ever tried to wipe out my lineage. And how dare you call me an alcoholic? I don’t go to meetings!”


Julius de La Mare
Drink The Water – Justin Cross
“Don’t talk to me like I’m a child. I am not a child; I’m older than you. And besides, I’m just suspicious of what those degenerates are plotting. You should be too, but I suppose that bouncing body and alabaster skin is too much of a distraction for you to handle anything else. Ha, I bet you thought I didn’t even know. Shame on you.”


Lawrence Merrick
Come To Me – Brad Fidel
“People seem to be splitting hairs over the smallest things as of late. Even you, Julius. I think you should take a step back, crack open that 1803 bottle of Italian Aristocrat, and put you’re diabolical Hell-maiming of all-kinds on hold until the Blood Moon has passed - It turns you into a menstruating female.”

Vincent Vargesson
When You’re Evil – Voltaire
“I don’t know what’s going on with you right now. Actually, I think I do; you’ve been spending too much time with that woman, and she’s making you soft. We’ve been here for as long as those damned witches and they may have cursed us at the dawn of time, but their plan backfired. Don’t ever forget what we’re about, or else you will end up a neutered lapdog like your cousin.”


Myron Vargesson
You Are The One – Shiny Toy Guns
“You say that, but I think you’re going the wrong way about it. If you let this happen, people will die. And not just witches, but our kind too. Are you ok with that? Are you ok with sending our brothers to their deaths for your pride?”


Godiva Kane
You Want – Porcelain And The Tramps
“A lot’s changed since you were hauled off. Most notably, the fact you’re not the top bitch around here anymore. It’s sad really, people still talked about you like you were some kind of martyr. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved the show. It was very psychotic-chic. It’s really too bad our views clash; you could have been part of something bigger than a lie.”


Thaddeus Kane
Dirty Mind – 3OH!3
“I have to side with her on this. I happen to hate the bigoted, self-righteous ways of Jeanna. I say we shake things up a bit. Nobody will expect it, and I’m not adverse to watching her back. Especially as she walks away.”

Ansel Chevalier
All The Same To Me – Anya Marina
“Yeah, that’s great. I feel totally intimidated right now. Really, can you not take the bunny ears off while you’re trying to blackmail me? In fact, never mind, let’s just get down to it. I have something you want, that is…If you’re willing to make a swap with someone like me…”

Cameron Skelton
Guilt - Hurts
"I know what you’re doing and I have to ask, are you out of your mind? At a time like this, you’re planning to throw everything on its head and expecting it to work out fine? I thought you were supposed to be smart.”

Helena de Vezin
The Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nails
“You’re just kids, how could you possibly understand the sacrifices people have to make? Especially people like me…You think it’s all an episode of Charmed. As your teacher, I’m here to show you that you’re naïve.”


Ailis Darcy

Going Down – The Pretty Reckless
“Before you start with the whole ‘I know how you feel’ speech, just don’t. Not a single one of you have ever even noticed me. You make me sick. You think just because you’re Scion’s that you’re better than everyone else. Well, I have news for you: You’re not.”



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teenidle  on says:
Oh my gosh! I Love that you gave your story and characters theme songs!!! XD I kinda want to do that for my stories too!! Would you mind if I did? Also I am so going to read your story~! <3

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