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by 0nefoot
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Neville Longbottom, Natalie something I can't remember her last name, Oc, oh it's Fargo, Natalie Fargo


Natalie was just a simple Ravenclaw who kept to herself. She was a daydreamer and a writer, never caring what the other kids thought of her, never wanting to hear what they had to say or play any of their silly games. But when she gets thrown into one without her choosing, her life takes an unexpected turn.


I wrote this maybe 2 years ago. I really want to write some more of it, but I have no idea if  I ever could. It's got some editing in it right now, but otherwise it's pretty awful. Oh well!

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angelicsmile  on says about chapter 2:
Please update soon

theniceslytherin  on says about chapter 1:
ADF;ADKFAEFA; LOVE IT and cannot wait to read more~

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