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Corrina Larkin, Selene Davenport, Elliot Pike, Finn Hemingway, Chase Chamberlain, Atticus Blake, Leon Park, Alexander Mason, Charlotte Lawrence, Theia Hemingway, Samuel Harrow, Jayden Chamberlain, Calen Blaine


Being highly proficient in the knowledge of horror movies, one would think that buying a long-abandoned house in the middle of nowhere would be an immediate red flag. However, for best friends Corrina and Selene, it could be the little bit of adventure they needed to pull themselves out of the rut they had been stuck in for so long. This idea is quickly thrown out of the window after 'being had' by their realtor when he fails to disclose the original history of the property. The idyllic spanning grounds were not the postcard real estate they had been promised, the two-hundred-year-old home holding secrets of torture, human experimentation and necromancy. And all of that was before the townsfolk who seemed off by anybody's standards.

Refusing to return to their previously troubled lives, and broke beyond compare after buying their new home, Cory and Len find themselves biting off more than they can chew in the form of truth-twisting love interests, kooky residents and the secrets they'd kill to keep, the antagonistic Mayor, the trials and tribulations of budding friendships, and the investigating of their locally infamous property in the small town of Whitevale, New Hampshire - all while their own pasts compete with their new phantoms.



Dreams of the Dead
Everyone is capable of something terrible - all they need is the right kind of push.

Theme Song
Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation
Saturday Night - Misfits

Mystery, Supernatural, Black Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Relationships, Angst, Hurt/Comfort


Corrina Larkin, Selene Davenport, Elliot Pike, Finn Hemingway, Chase Chamberlain, Atticus Blake, Leon Park, Alexander Mason, Charlotte Lawrence, Theia Hemingway, Samuel Harrow, Jayden Chamberlain, Calen Blaine, Thomas Larkin, Remy Lyall, Dorian Tanner, Tristan Tanner, Silas Ó'Ciardha, Annushka Hart, Malin Goode.

Madison Skye, Cervena Fox, Evan Peters, Robin Lord Taylor, Nathaniel Buzolic, Ezra Miller, Jiho Woo, Dane Dehaan, Amber Heard, Ellen Page, Tom Holland, Colin Ford, James McAvoy, Charlie Hunnam, Aaron Paul, Kevin Zegers, Dylan Sprayberry, Robert Sheehan, Eva Green, Sophie Turner

Start Date
[Original] 17th September 2013
[Reboot] 1st October 2019

End Date

Swearing, Sex, Violence, Abuse (Sexual/Physical/Emotional/Substance), Mental/Personality Disorders, Suicidal Tendencies/Self-Destructive Behaviour; Mentions of Torture, Murder and Human Sacrifice, Character Death. Scenes of a sensitive nature - NSFW.









A creak out in the hallway caught Selene's attention. Stirring from her sleep, her eyes fluttering open in an attempt to scan the dark room she still wasn't familiar with. She waited, quieting her breathing as she listened to a loose window shutter clatter and the sound of her portable air conditioner buzzing hot air around the room that still seemed lonely despite housing all of her belongings. What sounded like sorrowful moaning whimpered above her. She put it to the fact it was only the old support beams shrinking and expanding at the change in temperature. It was the foundations getting used to being lived in again.

Turning over in the luxurious royal blue silk sheets embroidered with silver threads, contrasting red locks spilt over the plush pillow. Pale green eyes landed on the bedroom door through the darkness, the cosy warmth that had been missing from the airy space when she'd arrived was now engulfing her, stroking her fair skin, lulling her back to her dreams. Slowly beginning to nod back off to sleep, the room-owner wrinkled her nose and wriggled further under the duck-down quilt.

A prolonged squeak out in the hall caused her lids to snap back open. Blinking at the barrier vague from sleep and eye-dust, Selene slowly pulled back the covers and swung her legs out. Snatching her phone off the nightstand for a sliver of light, the young woman tip-toed stealthily across the sheepskin rug and towards her bedroom door. Taking the brass knob in her clammy palm, she twisted it and pulled open the barrier warily.

The hallway was a different type of dark from her room. The stained-glass vaulted ceiling which was a central feature even from the ground floor left a hazy glow over the angular, spiralling stairwell, and onto the landing of each. At the end of the hallway opposite from the stairway, the bathroom light was peeking out around two feet onto the burgundy runner-carpet, not even close to helping Selene identify the surroundings she had yet to become accustomed to. But still, she dared to venture out of her room to check what was going on. She peered to the right, and then the left, squinting to see if her friend was using the bathroom. The older woman’s bedroom door three-rooms-down was shut, which clearly meant she wasn't.

She remembered being told about some kids from out of town who used the building as a test of courage; even their realtor had mentioned that there had been break-ins due to amateur ghost hunters wanting to catch an apparition on film. “What, with the history and all,” he’d admitted once he had been caught in the act of deceit - which also so happened to be after the pair had signed the contract. Selene was more worried about the wacko’s who’d creep in and murder them in their sleep, and then escape under the opportunistic guise of being one of those harmless kids. What if they were hacked up in their beds and the police never found out who killed them because they just blamed ‘harmless teens’ and ‘too many drugs’ on a very real problem? The sercurity guy was supposed to come next week to install a new alarm system, but that left more than enough time to be butchered and start decomposing. Oh, God, she really didn't want to leave an ugly corpse.

Fuck. Her mind was reeling. She needed to stop thinking like that.

Licking her lips and swallowing in an attempt to get rid of the lump in the back of her throat, Selene took a deep breath filled with the distinct perfume of old wood and frigid winter air the house gave off through her nose and tiptoed forward a few steps. Gripping the wooden bannister rail which spiralled three floors, the redhead recoiled at the icy sensation attacking her palms.


This time the noise was slightly louder, as if there was someone was lurking on the lower part of the open staircase. Gritting her teeth, Selene retook the bannister and tightened her grip. She leaned over a fraction and hoped it was just her friend was sleep-walking and raiding the fridge again. "Cory?" There was no answer, just a shuffle. Fabric moving, and then another clunking, yet light step taken - there was no real weight under it. "If you're fucking with me again, I'mma throw this vase at your face." The woman in a man’s dress shirt hanging off her tattooed frame snapped around and snatched the antique off the slim round table that was against the wall beside her door.


Being taken over by anger, Selene launched forward, her hips digging into the rail as she peered down at the grand staircase and foyer below. She choked. Her initial rage quickly fizzled into something much worse. She couldn't follow through with her threat of throwing the ornament. She couldn't even move. Her feet had taken root and ice dripped down her back as pressure built in her skull.

Halfway up the stairway to the first floor, a small figure sat on the sixth step up, all floppy and ominous with its back to the wall. Whilst the redhead was debating if she had any sanity left, it peered right up at her. With its stark blue, bulbous eyes and brown hair set in ringlets, the thing which scared Selene the most twitched. And as if animated by its own life force, the porcelain doll in the white Victorian gown toppled to the side and began jittering. Tiny stuck-together ceramic fingers clomped the next step up.

Selene couldn't handle it. She wasn't going to wait around to see if the evil fucking abomination could make it up the entire flight before morning. Dropping the antique where she stood, fragments of China vase shattered on the thin, itchy carpet and over her bare feet. Giving it legs, the redhead sprinted down the hallway with her bosom bouncing and her arms flailing like the basket cases she had trained to ammerliorate. Not even thinking about what knocking was, the younger woman snatched the handle to her friend's bedroom and almost kicked the door off its hinge, screaming. Not halting her sprint in order to do a running-jump, the redhead landed flat on top of the woman with her covers kicked off.

"Gah-Unf!" The blonde who had been in a comatose slumber jolted like she'd been hit with a set of electric paddles. "What th-"

"There's a doll-A fucking doll!" Not caring for how compromising the straddling seemed in their near-naked states, the redhead hissed through grit teeth. "It's alive, and on the stairs, and moving! Right now!" Selene gripped her house-mate by the front of her tank top and shook her with murderous intent, like the incident was her fault - Or like it was her job to do something about it. "Fix it!"

Corrina, still dazed from the attack, and the three-day-long bender she’d been on until six hours ago, shoved her junior over to the other side of her bed and rolled out onto her feet unstably. "I'll go and see - stop yelling down my fuckin’ ears." One hand grabbed her glasses off the nightstand, the other gripped an old wooden slugger she had nicked from her older brother before she left their parent's residence as teens. She had always kept some kind of instrument of pain beside her bed for as long as she could remember for one reason or another. Moving to a place like this was even more cause for concern after the rumours - the rash of odd occurrences moreso...because a baseball bat would certainly K.O a ghost.

Staggering out of the door bleary-eyed, the blonde was caught between her serious case of dry-mouth and wonder for if her demented friend had been at her stash of pills. Shuffling down the dark corridor, her burning feet were pricked by the shards on the ugly runner she had been planning to replace since day one. Hissing curses under her breath as she hopped from one foot to another in order to brush off the splinters, she now noticed the mess and rounded it. Corrina rubbed her right eye with the back of her wrist before shoving her spectacles on her face haphazardly. She had gone to the edge of the railing and looked over. Verdant eyes surrounded by smeared, day-old eyeliner narrowed as she inspected the muted kaleidoscope-cast foyer, her irises scanning the stairs leading up to the second floor.

There was nothing.

Sighing, the blonde scratched her head like a crazy woman with her left hand and turned around to go back to her room. Split-second movement in her peripheral halted the woman in her tracks. Tightening her grip on her weapon, the blonde lingered in the dark, all of her muscles tightening as she prepared herself for the worse. Inhaling deeply, her chest wheezing from self-inflicted abuse, Corrina tried to reason with herself: ‘You can think you see loads of things that aren't there when you're half-high, sleep-deprived, and it's from the corner of your eye', her rational, inner-voice reasoned, although it was a little slurred and thus, deemed as helpful as her regular self when completely wasted.

A shift in the atmosphere caused the hairs on her body to stand on end as her pores tightened from the acute drop in temperature. It was one thing to brush off thinking you saw something, but when she felt it, she always trusted her gut.

Edging to the doorway, Selene poked her head out ever so slightly and gripped the door frame. "Cory, do you see it?"

The blonde bit the inside of her lower lip as her eyes darted around the darkness, her vision wobbling as if her eyeballs were swishing in the coupious amount of booze she'd consumed in the last few days. "Stay in there." She blindly flapped her arm behind her, wafting the tight air in a warning. Her breath came out as condensation and her nose was beginning to dribble snot. Lowering her stance as if she was about to ninja the shit out of whoever was creeping around her house, Corrina closed her eyes and listened for where the next sound would come from.



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