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by WCLaine
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Spending seven years in a solitary cell in a mental institution for the criminally insane does a lot to change a person. Whether the sentence has aided amelioration or made matters worse will soon be seen when Henrietta Vance, a condemned mass-murderer since the age of seventeen, is dragged into a series of unexplainable cases being tagged by fanatics as Demonic Possessions. Taken from her own personal purgatory and released under a strict set of conditions that come with her lending help and intimate expertise to the one organization she felt everything but a positive emotion for, Henrietta is practically forced to play supernatural sniffer-dog for a rag-tag bunch of misfits.

A pair of aberrant clergymen, a young trainee waiting to take his vows, and a child-psychic-turned-promiscuous-con-woman, plus last-minute adoptions to the team in the form of a maudlin ambulance driver in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a skittish and frocked extemporely interloper, the mission to search for and eradicate the cause in influx of apparent possessions spreading across the country grows wild beyond comprehension. And that's before getting into the papal foot-note which casually mentions bringing all of Heaven's Holy Might down upon a cult claiming they are led by Jesus Christ's twin.

Needless to say, when the group of seven end up travelling around the country in a battered Winnebago, fighting the potential end of the world is at the bottom of the list of gripes when it comes to dealing with ignorant law enforcement, impersonating high-ranking men of the cloth, obnoxious car-karaoke warblers, unprofessional agents of Hell, suspicious bumpkins, being stuck in small spaces with a bi-polar demon-bitch, and deciding who gets to use the bathroom first.

Regardless of personal ideals and the obvious tension caused by the scars they live to hide, the group's pasts intrude on each other when they quickly find that they are more alike than they care to admit.



Being Possessed Isn’t What It Used To Be
By the Will of God; or the other One.

Theme Song
Can’t Go To Hell - Sin Shake Sin
Take Me To Church - MILCK


[Order of Appearance]

Mateo Ramírez, Henrietta Vance, Marius Ingram, Adam Nolan, Levona Blanchett, Theodore Sterling, Winston Foster, Daisy Malone, John Smith + More - Minor

[Order of Appearance]

Benicio Del Toro, Carrie Lane, Billy Burke, Tom Holland, Cervena Fox, Noah Taylor, Bill Hader, Holland Roden, Noel Fisher.

Dark Comedy, Supernatural, Drama, Mystery, Relationships, Action, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Soul-Searching

Start Date
13th February 2017 [Original]
1st October 2019 [Reboot]

End Date


Swearing, Sexual Themes, Body Horror, Violence, Gore/Torture, Questioning Religion, Blasphemy.

Vore, Fetish (including but not limited to) Men in uniform/Holy Men. Mentions of Various Abuse: Sexual, Mental, Physical, Substance, Child, Animal. Warnings of said topics will be marked as a header note before the start of the chapter.




No foreword posted.

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