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The Crystal Closet § One Shot Collection



Welcome to The Crystal Closet § One Shot Collection! Here, you can fulfill your fanfiction oneshot feels!


We accept any types of requests but we don't accept Rated M requests unless you are seriously DYING for it. If you do send a rated request, well...it may take a while.


By the way, graphics you see are made by lil piggy at  The Nerds Graphic Shop





» Subscribe! Then you'll know when your request is done. Upvotes are awesome too!

» Be respectful. Don't bash us.

» Specify the plot and/or charcters when you request.

» Comment after you request.

» Don't rush us.

» Comment on your request so we know what you think of it!

Request Form:


Pairing (characters): 

Character Personalities:


Genre: (fluff, thriller, romance, etc)









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FrozenApple  on says:
great! really good

ByungKitty  on says:
chúc mừng sinh nhật~

bottom_rock28  on says about chapter 6:
lol, then I'll wait patiently. Haha, the update was great! hwaiting!! =)

bottom_rock28  on says:
Username: bottom_rock28

Pairing (characters): Luhan and Sehun

Character Personalities: Luhan is a warm and gentle guy. He always look kind and welcoming but could also be cold and distant when he likes to. Meanwhile, Sehun is the sweet and the type of guy who always likes to please others though sometimes he could be imprudent.

Plot: Luhan and Sehun is in a relationship. They compliment each other rather well since their relationship is like give and take. But one day they would enter a fight and Sehun being rash and imprudent would like try to cheat on Luhan and the older male finds out. And being so much inlove with Sehun, Luhan finds himself killing him or something.

Genre: thriller and angst

I made a request. Thank you in advance and your other chapters were greatly written! Fighting! =D P.S. It doesn't have to be way bloody or something so that it wouldn't need to be rated m. Hehe

Pastelsky  on says about chapter 5:
Oh my goodness, I imagined Prince of Tennis' Eiji as the guy here.
I like it a lot!

Pastelsky  on says about chapter 4:
I didn't worry about the warning, and I still don't! I can imagine the entire scene, and neither of them were ooc at all.

There's only one, extremely small word which I hope you can change though. It's in the end, the "But instead, she leaned up" part. Can you please make it, "leaned down"? Honey is actually a few inches shorter :))

To clarify, NONE OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT. I just did not fill in the form properly. Sorry for thaaaat!

To state again, thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this! I was not disappointed at all :)

fluffyrocks  on says about chapter 4:
...Kinda short. Could have been fluffier too.

fluffyrocks  on says about chapter 3:
This is so sad...she should have called or at least left a letter. I feel bad for her parents. They basically raised her for nothing. Well, that's what I would think. i basically raised a daughter (I'm assuming it's a girl) that doesn't even care to think about how I might feel. tsk tsk.

Pastelsky  on says:
Can I request, please?

Username - Pastelsky

Type - One Shot / Drabble on the anime and manga, Ouran High School Host Club

Pairing - Honey (Haninozuka Mitsukuni) and Reiko

Character Personalities - Honey is happy-go-lucky. He loves cakes and any other sweet, but he is also one of the best in karate and judo. Reiko, on the other hand, is a member of the Black Magic Club. She's unaware of her feelings, and she thinks everything is caused or should be started by a curse (either good or bad). These two are polar opposites who actually make a perfect match.

Plot - Anything fluffy :) First date? Marriage Day? Slice of Life? I'm great with anything!

Thank you for everything! Your other chapters were so well done, so I trust you :)

fluffyrocks  on says about chapter 2:
P.S. Judging hard. lol.

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